How To Get a Rebuilt Title in West Virginia

How to Get Rebuilt Title West Virginia

In West Virginia, if a vehicle gets severely damaged and the insurance company says it's a total loss, the state considers it a salvage vehicle.

However, people can fix these cars, get a rebuilt title, and drive them again. A rebuilt title is like an official certificate that says the car was fixed and meets West Virginia's driving and safety rules. Usually, a car needs to have a salvage title before it can become a rebuilt title.

Getting a rebuilt title in West Virginia might seem confusing if you don't know the rules, but we’ll explain the entire process in simple terms.

Importance of Getting a Rebuilt Title in West Virginia

Getting a rebuilt title in West Virginia is vital for two main reasons:

  1. Using a Rebuilt Vehicle

Maintaining a rebuilt title is crucial to keep using a severely damaged and repaired car. Without it, you cannot legally drive the vehicle on the road.

  1. Selling a Restored Car

Selling a car with a salvage title can be challenging because potential buyers often hesitate due to safety concerns.

However, having a rebuilt title demonstrates that the necessary inspections and repairs have been done to ensure the car's safety and compliance with West Virginia's driving regulations.

Rebuilt Title vs. Salvage Title

A rebuilt title is a certification granted to a vehicle previously deemed a total loss but has undergone repairs to meet West Virginia's driving and safety standards.

Unlike a salvage title, a rebuilt title signifies that the vehicle has been reconstructed and is considered safe and legal for road operation.

How To Get a Rebuilt Title in West Virginia

You must repair the damaged vehicle to get a rebuilt title in West Virginia. Then, the car must undergo a safety inspection and a reconstructed vehicle inspection.

After this, submit the required documents and fees to the DMV and await your certificate.

Here is more detail on each process:

1. Get a Salvage Title.

In West Virginia, you can get a salvage title for your car that has been severely damaged, like in a big accident or a flood, and the insurance company says it's a total loss.

The car should be repairable and not completely ruined. If a car with a salvage title is brought in from another state, it can still get one in West Virginia.

If a car doesn't meet the requirements for a salvage title, it can get a different kind of title, like one that says it's not repairable or just has cosmetic damage.

To get a salvage title in West Virginia, you need to go to the DMV office and submit the following documents/information:

  1. The car certificate of title.
  2. Salvage Certification Application (Form DMV-SV-1).
  3.  If the original owner retains vehicle ownership, you must also fill out the Salvage Certificate/Owner Retention (Form DMV-SV-6).
  4. If your vehicle is less than 11 model years old, provide an Odometer Certification (Form DMV-TM-1).
  5. If a lienholder is associated with the vehicle, provide their relevant information.
  6. Make a payment of  $22.50 for the salvage title.

After you submit the salvage title application, the DMV will review it and, if approved, send you the salvage title in the mail. Once you have the salvage title, you can start working on fixing up the car.

If an insurance company is applying for the salvage title, they must do it within ten days of settling the total loss claim. They might have to fill out extra forms during the application process.

2. Make Repairs to Your Vehicle.

Once you receive your Salvage Certificate of Title, you can start fixing your vehicle. Before you begin the repairs, take pictures of your car from the front, rear, and sides. Keep these photos and your other reconstruction records for at least three years.

While reconstructing the vehicle, save all the receipts for parts, equipment, materials, and labor costs. You'll need these receipts for the next step.

If you use significant parts from another vehicle, you must keep track of them as you will provide them for inspection.

3. Go Through a Vehicle Safety Inspection.

Once your rebuilt car is ready, it must be inspected for safety and to ensure it meets the requirements for a reconstructed car.

For the safety inspection, you must Take your car to an inspection station licensed by the West Virginia State Police. Call ahead to make sure they're available.

You can tow or haul the car to the inspection site or get a one-trip permit from the WV State Police. Ask for help if you need a permit.

During the inspection, an inspector will put a sticker on your windshield that's valid for 12 months.

They'll also give you a Certificate of Inspection (Form DMV-202-TR). Keep this certificate safe because you'll need it later.

4. Pass a Reconstructed Inspection.

After the safety inspection, your car needs a reconstructed vehicle inspection. The West Virginia DMV provides a list of offices where these inspections are done and their availability. Call ahead to make sure they're open and ready for your inspection.

You can tow, haul, or get a one-trip permit to transport your car to the inspection site.

When it's time for the reconstructed vehicle inspection, bring the following:

  • The salvage title.
  • Pictures of the car before it was repaired.
  • Documentation like bills, receipts, and invoices for all the parts and labor used in rebuilding the car.
  • If you used parts from other vehicles, provide the vehicle identification number (VIN) and make sure you meet the qualifying criteria mentioned in the DMV's brochure on salvaged/reconstructed vehicles.
  • Proof that your car passed the safety inspection. Bring the completed Certificate of Inspection (Form DMV-202-TR) with you.

After the reconstructed vehicle inspection, the inspector will give you a Reconstructed Vehicle Examination (Form DMV-SV-3), which means you're one step closer to getting a reconstructed vehicle title.

5. Submit an Application for a Get Rebuilt Title.

After your reconstructed vehicle passes inspection at the DMV office, you can apply for a rebuilt title.

Gather the following documents to submit to the DMV:

  1.  The salvage title.
  2.  The completed and signed Reconstructed Vehicle Examination (Form DMV-SV-3) that was given to you by the inspector.
  3. Application for Certificate of Title (Form DMV-1-TR) and mark the "RECONSTRUCTED" box.
  4.  If you're also registering the car, you will need:
    • Proof of West Virginia auto insurance.
    • Copies of both sides of your previous registration card (if the car is still registered) if you transfer the license plate.
  1. You will also need to pay the required fees, which include:
    • An inspection fee of $35.
    • Registration fees (if you are registering the vehicle).

Once your documents are processed and checked for accuracy, you'll receive the valuable West Virginia reconstructed vehicle title.

This means you can now freely drive your previously salvaged car on the roads.

Cost of a Salvage Title and Rebuilt Title in West Virginia

To get a salvage title, you must pay a standard fee of $22.50, regardless of the total loss brand on the title. However, no fees are required if you apply for a non-repairable certificate.

For a reconstructed title, you'll need to pay the inspection fee of $35.After your vehicle passes the inspection, you'll have an additional registration fee.

Insurance Coverage for Vehicles With Rebuilt Titles in West Virginia

Insurance coverage for vehicles with rebuilt titles can be more limited than for those with clean titles.

It's recommended to contact insurance providers and discuss coverage options and any specific conditions or limitations that may apply to vehicles with rebuilt titles.

Financing a Vehicle With a Rebuilt Title in West Virginia

Financing options for vehicles with rebuilt titles may vary among lenders. Contacting different financial institutions and discussing their specific policies regarding financing rebuilt title vehicles is advisable.

Some lenders may have stricter requirements or charge higher interest rates for vehicles with rebuilt titles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get a rebuilt title in West Virginia?

Getting a rebuilt title in West Virginia typically takes 6 to 8 weeks. The duration may vary based on the vehicle's condition and the repairs needed.

Can I rebuild a vehicle myself and get a rebuilt title in West Virginia?

Yes, you can rebuild a vehicle, but it must pass the required inspections conducted by the West Virginia DMV to obtain a rebuilt title.

Can I drive a vehicle with a salvage title while rebuilding it in West Virginia?

In West Virginia, driving a vehicle with a salvage title on public roads is prohibited unless you have obtained a special one-trip permit from the WV State Police.

Is a rebuilt title considered a negative thing for a car in West Virginia?

Even if a car has been fixed up, there might still be hidden problems with its parts. Even though driving seems okay, there could be issues you can't see.

Can I sell a vehicle with a rebuilt title in West Virginia?

You can sell a vehicle with a rebuilt title. However, it's essential to disclose the rebuilt title status to potential buyers and provide them with the necessary information about the vehicle's history and repairs.