How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Vermont

How to Get Rebuilt Title Vermont

A rebuilt title indicates that a previously totaled car has been restored and is now deemed safe for operation.

When a vehicle is declared totaled and deemed unsafe to drive, it is assigned a salvage title. However, this salvage title can be replaced with a rebuilt title once the vehicle undergoes restoration.

Obtaining a salvage title is necessary for vehicles that are 15 years old or younger.

If you're wondering how to get a rebuilt title in Vermont, we’ll look at all the ins and outs of the entire process.

How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Vermont

Obtaining a rebuilt title not only simplifies the process of selling a car but also assures its safe and lawful operation.

To get a rebuilt title in Vermont, you must follow a specific process, including inspections and document submissions, as outlined by the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles.

1. Getting a Salvage Title in Vermont

Upon deciding to retain ownership of a salvaged car in Vermont, it is essential to promptly apply for a VT salvaged title within a 15-day window after the settlement of the total loss claim. This necessitates fulfilling the following requirements:

  1. Completing the Rebuilt/Salvage Title Application (Form VT-017).
  2. Paying a salvage title fee of $35.

To know the precise procedure for submitting your application and to address any additional inquiries regarding obtaining a salvaged title, it is advisable to contact the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles at (802) 828-2000.

Once you receive your salvaged title, you can repair your vehicle to meet the state's safety and legal standards, with the ultimate objective of restoring its roadworthy status.

Kindly note that the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles does not issue salvaged titles for vehicles aged 15 years or older.

If you possess an older vehicle, please consult the DMV for guidance on the appropriate steps.

2. Go Through a Vermont Rebuilt Car Inspection

After rebuilding your salvaged car for road usage, you must undergo anti-theft and a safety inspection before proceeding with the application for a Vermont rebuilt title.

But, if your reconstructed vehicle lacks a vehicle identification number (VIN), you must obtain one before scheduling the anti-theft inspection. This requires the following:

  1. Completion of the Application for Assignment of VIN/HIN (Form VT-003).
  2. Submission of the VT salvage title.
  3. Presentation of bills of sale for all parts utilized in the vehicle's restoration.
  4. Provision of photographs depicting the rebuilt car.

These items should be submitted to the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles.

The DMV will reach out to you using the phone number provided on the form, providing further instructions on how to proceed with attaching the new VIN to your rebuilt vehicle.

Anti-Theft Inspection

Authorized Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles representatives typically conduct anti-theft inspections for rebuilt cars.

For details about scheduling an anti-theft inspection, lawful transportation of your rebuilt vehicle to the inspection site, and the associated inspection fee, contact the VT DMV.

During the inspection process, the DMV agent will verify the following:

  1. The vehicle identification number (VIN).
  2. All bills of sale and titles of the major parts utilized in the car's reconstruction.

Once your vehicle is inspected, the inspector will provide proof of the anti-theft inspection paperwork.

It is crucial to safeguard this documentation, as it will be required to apply a rebuilt title.

Safety Inspections

In most cases, when your insurance company designates your vehicle as a total loss and you subsequently rebuild it, a safety inspection is mandatory, possibly accompanied by an emissions test, before obtaining another car title.

Before scheduling a safety inspection, you must possess proof of the following:

  1. Valid VT car insurance.
  2. Registration.

For information on obtaining a registration for your reconstructed car in Vermont, kindly contact the Vermont DMV at (802) 828-2000.

Depending on the circumstances, you may be issued a temporary registration or, in some cases, a regular registration before acquiring your rebuilt car title.

Once you have obtained the necessary registration and insurance, you can schedule a safety inspection appointment at a DMV-approved inspection station.

During the inspection, you will be required to present the following:

  1. Evidence of a completed Vehicle Inspection.
  2. Proof of registration and car insurance.
  3. Payment of the appropriate inspection fees:
    • Inspection sticker fee: $6.
    • Additional charges specific to the inspection station include hourly rates and service fees. It is advisable to contact the station in advance for detailed information.

The inspector will thoroughly assess your vehicle to ensure compliance with state safety standards and potentially emissions standards.

Subsequently, the inspector will complete the necessary paperwork on your behalf. Ensure that you retain this paperwork, along with the VIN inspection documentation, as it will be crucial for the application process of your rebuilt title.

3. Apply for the Rebuilt Title in Vermont

After completing the required inspections, you can proceed with the application for a Vermont rebuilt title by submitting the following:

  1. A filled-out Rebuilt/Salvage Title Application (Form VT-017).
  2. Show evidence demonstrating the successful passage of your vehicle's anti-theft and safety inspections.
  3. Payment of the $35 fee for the rebuilt title.

Please contact the Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain specific instructions on where to submit the documents above or to seek clarification on any remaining inquiries regarding the rebuilt title application process.

Once all formalities have been concluded, you will be issued the rebuilt title, enabling you to resume driving your car on the roads confidently.

Costs of a Rebuilt Title in Vermont

Yes, there are fees involved in obtaining a rebuilt title. The valuation of a salvage or rebuilt title in VT is subject to variability, contingent upon the vehicle type.

Consequently, motorists may be required to satisfy one of the following fees, depending on their specific circumstances:

  1. Vehicle title fee - $35
  2. Vessel, snowmobile, or ATV title fee - $22
  3. Lienholder fee - $11

Inspection Requirements for a Rebuilt Title in Vermont

In Vermont, anti-theft and safety inspections are mandatory before applying for a rebuilt title.

The anti-theft inspection ensures that the vehicle's identification number (VIN) is appropriately affixed, while the safety inspection verifies compliance with state safety standards.

Scheduling a Safety Inspection for a Rebuilt Vehicle in Vermont

To schedule a safety inspection, contact a DMV-approved inspection station in Vermont.

Ensure you have proof of valid VT car insurance and registration before proceeding with the safety inspection appointment.

Anti-Theft Inspections for a Rebuilt Vehicle in Vermont

Authorized representatives from the Vermont DMV perform anti-theft inspections.

They will provide detailed information on scheduling the inspection, transporting the vehicle, and the associated inspection fees.

Bonded Titles in Vermont

A Bonded Title is a legal document establishing ownership of a vehicle, trailer, vessel, snowmobile, or all-terrain vehicle.

It substitutes a standard title and enables the owner to register, obtain insurance, or sell the vehicle.

The Bonded Title provides assurance and proof of ownership when a regular title is unavailable or incomplete.

The requirement for a Bonded Title varies depending on the specific situation. In most cases, a Bonded Title is necessary if you own or intend to purchase a vehicle, trailer, vessel, snowmobile, or all-terrain vehicle without a title or an incomplete title.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Rebuilt Title?

A rebuilt title is issued for a vehicle previously declared a total loss but has undergone significant repairs to restore its roadworthiness.

What Documents Do I Need for the Anti-theft Inspection?

For the anti-theft inspection, you will typically need to provide the completed Rebuilt/Salvage Title Application (Form VT-017), proof of passing the safety inspection, and any other documentation requested by the inspector.

Will a Rebuilt Title Erase the Vehicle’s History?

No, a rebuilt title does not erase the vehicle's history. It is an official designation indicating that the vehicle has undergone significant repairs. Prospective buyers should always know a vehicle's previous salvage status and conduct proper due diligence before purchasing.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Rebuilt Title in Vermont?

It can take a waiting period of several weeks to obtain a rebuilt title in Vermont.