How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Utah

How to Get Rebuilt Title Utah

You can get a rebuilt title in Utah after repairing a salvaged vehicle and passing a state safety inspection.

The Utah DMV grants a rebuilt title to a car previously declared a total loss but has been repaired and confirmed safe to drive.

Vehicles with rebuilt titles bear the imprints of their past, resulting in reduced fair market value compared to similar models with clean titles.

If you need help getting a rebuilt title in Utah, keep reading. We will share everything you need to know about getting a rebuilt title in Utah.

What Is a Rebuilt Title?

A rebuilt title is a legal designation given to a previously salvaged vehicle that has undergone necessary repairs and passed a safety inspection, certifying its roadworthiness.

How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Utah

Obtaining a rebuilt title in Utah is a process that allows you to bring a salvage vehicle back to the road legally.

Here are the steps involved in getting a rebuilt title in Utah, including the documentation, inspections, and procedures required:

Step 1:  Get a Salvage Title

Car owners who wish to apply for a salvage title from the Utah DMV must first ensure that they meet all the requirements of salvage vehicles.

Additionally, they must make a decisive choice regarding filing a total loss claim with their insurance companies and opting for a partial settlement.

Applicants for a salvage certificate of title are mandated to provide the following documentation to the Utah DMV:

  1. The current title of the vehicle is registered in Utah
  2. Payment for the applicable fees of $6

When initiating the application process for a salvage title in Utah, it is essential to note that the procedure remains consistent in almost all situations.

However, if a total loss claim is filed along with a full settlement, the responsibility for the vehicle may shift to the insurance company.

Therefore, gathering additional information about the application procedure for a DMV salvage title is advisable before making a final decision.

Savage Title Eligibility Requirements in Utah

Vehicle owners must meet specific eligibility criteria before obtaining a salvage title in Utah.

They must ensure that their vehicles comply with the designated standards for this type of title.

To qualify for a salvage certificate of title, motorists must promptly file a total loss claim with their insurance agencies once the damages have occurred.

At this point, a crucial decision arises regarding whether to pursue a full or partial settlement.

In the case of accepting a partial settlement, the driver is obliged to apply for a salvage title within ten days of the partial settlement.

Acquiring a salvage certificate empowers vehicle owners to either sell the car for its parts or proceed with the necessary repairs.

Step 2: Get the Vehicle Inspected

Once you or a vehicle rebuilder have undertaken the necessary repairs on your salvaged car, the subsequent step involves scheduling a safety inspection performed by an authorized vehicle inspector certified by the state.

To obtain information regarding inspection station locations and specific safety inspection criteria, it is advisable to contact the Utah Highway Patrol.

During your UT safety inspection, it is typically expected that you provide the following:

  1. All pertinent bills of sale and invoices of the parts utilized for the vehicle's restoration.
    • Ensure that these documents include the seller's name, contact information, and the make, model, year, and vehicle identification number of the donor car from which the parts were sourced.
  1. A vehicle damage disclosure statement (this form may be obtained at the safety inspection station), which should encompass the following:
    • Comprehensive details outlining the nature and extent of the vehicle's previous damage.
    • A comprehensive description of all repairs performed and the methodologies employed.
    • A signature affirming the accuracy of the provided description.

Upon successful inspection completion, the certified inspector will give you a certificate as evidence of having undergone the safety inspection.

It is crucial to safeguard this document as it is required when applying for a rebuilt title.

Once again, contacting the Utah Highway Patrol is strongly recommended to ensure that your car repairs have been conducted following the required standards.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your salvaged car must undergo a conventional smog check and a comprehensive safety inspection.

Step 3. Submit the Necessary Documents

Once you have successfully undergone Utah's mandatory safety inspection, the subsequent step involves submitting the following documentation at your local DMV agency to apply for a rebuilt title:

  1. A fully completed Vehicle Application for Utah Title (Form TC-656).
  2. The salvage title of the vehicle.
  3. The paperwork provided by the safety inspector is evidence of the successful inspection and reconstruction of your vehicle.
  4. Payment of the $6 title fee.

If all the requirements are satisfied, the Division of Motor Vehicles will issue your rebuilt title, granting you the privilege to operate your previously salvaged vehicle again.

Obtaining the Necessary Safety Inspection

Safety inspections for a rebuilt title can be conducted at state-certified inspection stations.

You can contact the Utah Highway Patrol at (801) 965-4889 for information on inspection station locations and specific safety inspection requirements.

Financing a Vehicle With a Rebuilt Title

Financing options for vehicles with rebuilt titles may vary among lenders. Some lenders may have restrictions or additional requirements for financing rebuilt title vehicles.

It is recommended to inquire with different lenders to explore your financing options.

Insurance Coverage for a Vehicle With a Rebuilt Title

While some insurance companies may offer comprehensive coverage for vehicles with rebuilt titles, many prefer to provide liability coverage only, considering the perceived risks associated with such vehicles.

Shopping around and consulting with different insurance providers to explore coverage options is advisable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a rebuilt title cost in Utah?

Issuing a title by the UT DMV incurs a fee of $6. It is important to note that aside from the title cost, vehicle owners may also be responsible for additional taxes and inspection fees.

How long does the process of obtaining a rebuilt title take in Utah?

The timeframe for obtaining a rebuilt title in Utah can vary depending on the extent of repairs required, availability of inspection appointments, and processing times at the DMV.

If a dealer purchases a salvage vehicle from another state with a branded title, can the branding be removed in Utah?

No, if another state or jurisdiction has already branded the vehicle's title, it is not eligible to have the branding removed in Utah.

What documents do I need to apply for a rebuilt title in Utah?

When applying for a rebuilt title in Utah, you must submit a completed Vehicle Application for Utah Title (Form TC-656), the vehicle's salvage title, the paperwork proving the successful safety inspection, and payment for the applicable fees.

Can I drive a salvage vehicle before obtaining a rebuilt title in Utah?

No, driving a salvage vehicle on public roads in Utah is illegal until it has been repaired, inspected, and issued a rebuilt title.