How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Pennsylvania

How to Get Rebuilt Title in Pennsylvania

A rebuilt title, also known as a "branded title" or a "reconstructed vehicle title," affirms that a previously totaled car has undergone complete repairs to ensure its safe operation.

Obtaining a reconstructed vehicle title is the sole legal means to drive, insure, or register a totaled car in Pennsylvania.

To get a rebuilt title in Pennsylvania, you must be ready to fix the car back to its original standard.

Then, you must make yourself available for a rigorous process of applying to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and complying with all their rules.

Let’s discuss how to get a rebuilt title in Pennsylvania. Let’s get started!

How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Pennsylvania

To get a rebuilt title in Pennsylvania, you must maintain thorough documentation of your car repairs.

You can then present the reconstructed salvage vehicle for an enhanced vehicle safety inspection and apply for a rebuilt vehicle title to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), along with a titling fee of $51.

Here is a breakdown of the process to get a rebuilt title in Pennsylvania:

1. Get a Salvage Title If You Don’t Have One Already.

When initiating the application process for a salvage title, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation stipulates the following requirements:

  1. Submission of a fully completed Application for Nonrepairable or Salvage Certificate (Form MV-6).
  2. Presentation of the original vehicle title under the applicant's name.
  3. In cases where applicable, the inclusion of the police report.
  4. Pay a salvage title fee of $22.50

To fulfill the application procedure, either can deliver the requisite documents by the following methods:

  1. In-person submission at the nearest PennDOT office.
  2. Mailing the documentation to the following address: Bureau of Motor Vehicles, 1101 South Front St., Harrisburg, PA 17104

The processing time for receiving your salvage title is typically three to four weeks. Upon acquiring the salvage title, you may make the necessary repairs to rehabilitate your totaled vehicle.

2. Repair the Salvaged Car.

To obtain a rebuilt title, salvaged vehicles in South Carolina must completely restore their original operating condition.

This involves ensuring that all components, such as airbags, seat belt/restraint systems, emissions components, and more, are restored to meet the original manufacturer's specifications and appearance. It is crucial to adhere to these requirements because the state inspectors will check to ensure full compliance.

You must also keep all receipts and documentation of all parts replaced. These details will be included in the final application.

3. Schedule a Vehicle Inspection.

After completing the meticulous restoration of your salvaged car to meet the state's requirements, the next crucial step involves an enhanced safety inspection.

Take the car to a state-approved station that conducts enhanced safety inspections. Ensure you bring the following documents and items:

  1. A completed Application for Reconstructed, Specially Constructed, Collectible, Modified, Flood, Recovered Theft Vehicles and Street Rods (Form MV-426B).

Note: The most up-to-date version of this form can only be obtained in person from your local PennDOT office or potentially available at the inspection station itself. The online version of the PennDOT form is outdated. The safety inspector will need to fill out a section of this form.

  1. The salvage certificate of title.

Suppose the title is not registered in your name. In that case, you must also submit a completed Application for Certificate of Title (Form MV-1), exclusively available for pick-up at your local PennDOT agency.

  1. Copies of receipts for all the parts and services utilized during the vehicle's repair.
  2. Proof of valid auto insurance.
  3. Payment of $51 for registration of the title.

Once your car successfully passes the inspection, the inspector will take photographs of the vehicle.

It is crucial to safeguard these photographs as they will be essential when applying for a rebuilt title.

4. Apply for the Rebuilt Title Along With Relevant Documents.

To initiate your application for a Pennsylvania reconstructed (rebuilt) title, you can use one of PennDOT's Online Business Partners, to whom you will need to furnish the following documentation:

  1. A completed Application for Reconstructed, Specially Constructed, Collectible, Modified, Flood, Recovered Theft Vehicles and Street Rods (Form MV-426B). This form should have been appropriately filled out during the enhanced safety inspection.
  2. If your vehicle necessitates a replacement Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plate, you must provide an Application for Correction of Vehicle Record or Verification of Vehicle Identification Number (Form MV-41).
  3. Ensure that you possess the salvage title.
  4. If the salvage title is not registered in your name, additional documents must be included:
    • An Application for a Certificate of Title (Form MV-1) can only be obtained from PennDOT offices.
    • A bill of sale for the vehicle.
  1. Include photographs of the vehicle taken during the enhanced safety inspection.
  2. Present the buy-back/retention letter from your insurance provider, confirming your ownership retention of the previously totaled vehicle and acceptance of a partial settlement.
  3. Retain copies of receipts for the services and parts utilized in the vehicle's repair.

If you require a replacement VIN plate, ensure that you complete the necessary payment for the applicable fees. These fees may encompass the following:

  • Pennsylvania reconstructed title fee: $58.
  • Registration and license plates fee: $85.
  • Sales tax (if applicable): 6% of the purchase price.
  • County taxes, the exact amount of which may vary. Contact the Online Business Partner beforehand to ascertain the sum you must pay.

Once all the required steps are completed, you will receive a Pennsylvania reconstructed title, enabling you to hit the road again confidently.

5. Post-Title Inspections.

After getting your rebuilt title, you must bring your car for periodic safety inspections and emission checks.

You can choose any state-approved inspection station within Pennsylvania for these follow-up inspections.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will notify you when your car is due for its subsequent inspection.

Cost To Get a Salvage and Rebuilt Title in Pennsylvania

The cost of obtaining a salvage and rebuilt title in Pennsylvania can vary based on several factors. You might need to pay several fees, including:

  • A salvage title fee of $22.50.
  • A safety inspection fee, which can go up to $40.
  • An annual residence fee of $5.
  • A rebuilt title application fee of $51.
  • Vehicle registration fee amounting to $36.

Car owners may also be subject to the payment of sales tax, county taxes, and the acquisition of license plates, etc.

Getting a Rebuilt Title in Pennsylvania for an Out-Of-State Vehicle

Obtaining a rebuilt title in Pennsylvania for an out-of-state vehicle is possible. You must provide proof of ownership, such as the Certificate of Salvage issued by the state or jurisdiction.

However, Pennsylvania will not accept the following documents:

  • Any document showing that the vehicle is intended for parts use only.
  • Any document that states the vehicle is not suitable for rebuilding or titling.
  • Salvage title from New York.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find additional information or assistance regarding rebuilt titles?

For further information or assistance regarding rebuilt titles in Pennsylvania, you can contact the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation directly at (717) 412-5300.

How long does it take to receive a rebuilt title?

The timeframe for receiving a rebuilt title can vary. It depends on factors such as the completeness of the application, the inspection process, and the workload of the PennDOT office handling the application. It is recommended to inquire about estimated processing times when submitting your application.

When is a rebuilt title required?

A rebuilt title is necessary to legally drive, insure, or register a salvage vehicle in Pennsylvania.

Can I drive my vehicle with a salvage title while waiting for a rebuilt title?

No, driving a salvage-titled vehicle on public roads is illegal in Pennsylvania. You must wait until you obtain a rebuilt title and properly register the vehicle before driving.

Can I get insurance on my rebuilt car in Pennsylvania?

Yes, obtaining insurance for a rebuilt car in Pennsylvania is possible. However, insuring a rebuilt vehicle is challenging as many insurance companies would not be willing to grant you coverage. And the ones that do will not give you full coverage.