How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Oklahoma

How to Get Rebuilt Title in Oklahoma

A rebuilt title specifically pertains to automobiles that were previously issued a salvage title but have since been repaired to meet the requirements for roadworthiness.

It also indicates that the vehicle has undergone an inspection for rebuilt vehicles before being granted this title.

To get a rebuilt title for a car deemed a total loss in Oklahoma, you must acquire the salvage title and make any essential repairs.

This guide covers extensively how to get a rebuilt title in Oklahoma. Let’s get started!

How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Oklahoma

Getting a rebuilt title in Oklahoma is less tedious than in other states. Here is a detailed process on how to do it:

1. Get a Salvage Title in Oklahoma

When you receive a valid notification from your insurance company regarding the total loss status of your vehicle, the Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Division will proceed to issue a salvage title.

Oklahoma has relatively easy laws for getting salvage title laws compared to other states. If the cost of repairing a vehicle less than ten years old exceeds 60% of its fair market value at the time of the loss, it is immediately considered salvage.

This rule applies regardless of whether the damage was caused by theft, collision, or any other occurrence.

2. Fix the Vehicle

When seeking a rebuilt title, salvage car owners can perform repairs to meet the safety and roadworthiness standards the state sets.

The state allows individuals to undertake the necessary repairs themselves. However, it is best to consider hiring a licensed automotive mechanic to ensure that all the required repairs are appropriately conducted.

Maintaining thorough records and receipts for all major parts purchased and used in rebuilding is crucial, as these will be required when applying for a rebuilt title in Oklahoma.

3. Schedule a Car Inspection in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, if a salvage vehicle model is less than ten years old, it must undergo a rebuilt vehicle inspection by a Motor License Agent before it can be used.

This inspection is necessary to ensure the rebuilt vehicle meets the required safety and roadworthiness standards.

During the rebuilt vehicle inspection, the Motor License Agent will thoroughly examine the vehicle to verify that all necessary repairs have been completed and that it is safe to operate on public roads.

The inspection helps ensure that the salvage vehicle has been adequately reconstructed and complies with Oklahoma's regulations for rebuilt vehicles.

Upon the arrival of your designated inspection appointment, it is crucial to ensure that you have the following items in your possession:

  1. The salvaged title of your vehicle.
  2. Receipts substantiating all the components used for the vehicle's repair.
  3. Valid proof of current liability insurance.
  4. Payment for the applicable fees, which encompass:
    • $4 for the vehicle identification number (VIN) and odometer reading.
    • $25 for the comprehensive inspection of the rebuilt vehicle.

During the inspection, which will be carried out by an agent from the Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Division (MVD), the following procedures will be undertaken:

  1. Compare your vehicle's VIN and the corresponding record in the ownership documents.
  2. Thorough scrutiny to detect any potential fraud or tampering with the VIN and its associated plate.
  3. Utilize the VIN analysis system (VINA) to ensure the accurate alignment of the vehicle description with the actual vehicle under inspection.
  4. Verification that the odometer has not been subject to any rollback or unauthorized alterations.

After the inspection, the MVD agent will complete the Rebuilt Vehicle Inspection form (Form 788-B).

It is of utmost importance to retain this document securely, as it will be necessary for the subsequent application for your rebuilt vehicle title.

4. Process the Rebuilt Title in Oklahoma.

After successfully passing the vehicle inspection, it is time to initiate the application process for an Oklahoma rebuilt title through the Motor Vehicle Division.

When visiting your local MVD agency, you will need to submit the following documentation:

  1. A duly completed Application for Oklahoma Certificate of Title for a Vehicle (Form 701-6).
  2. The Rebuilt Vehicle Inspection form (Form 788-B).
  3. Supporting paperwork related to the rebuilt vehicle and inspection, such as invoices, bills of sale, and receipts for the parts utilized in the vehicle's repair. Including seller contact information and Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) may be necessary for each purchased part.
  4. Payment of title fee: $11

Submit this information along with your rebuilt title application to the Oklahoma MVC.

How Long It Takes To Receive a Rebuilt Title in Oklahoma

The processing time can vary, but typically, it takes several weeks or less for the paperwork to be processed and for the rebuilt title to be issued.

Determining If Your Car Is Ten Years Older or Less

To determine the 10-year model age limit for vehicles in Oklahoma, you can use the following formula:

  1. Identify the current latest manufacturers' model on sale.
  2. Subtract 9 from the latest model year to determine the 10-year model age limit.
  3. The generally accepted date for new model vehicles on sale is July 1.

For example, if the latest manufacturers' model on sale is 2023, subtracting 9 gives us 2014. Therefore, vehicles with model years of 2014 and older would be subject to salvage requirements.

This formula applies to all determinations regarding salvage and rebuilt vehicles in Oklahoma.

Costs of Oklahoma Salvage Title and Rebuilt Title

The standard fee for the rebuilt title and salvage certificate is $11. However, if the vehicle is deemed beyond repair and necessitates a junk title, the fee is reduced to $4.

On the other hand, additional fees will be incurred if you apply for a restored title certificate.

These include a vehicle inspection fee of $25 and registration fees that vary depending on several factors.

Factors Affecting the Fees for a Rebuilt Title

Several factors can influence the fees associated with obtaining a rebuilt title, including the age of the vehicle, any lienholder recordings, brandings, and registration requirements.

It is advisable to refer to the state's Motor Vehicle Tag, Tax, Title, & Fees guide for precise information regarding the applicable fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my vehicle qualifies for a rebuilt title in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, a salvage vehicle qualifies for a rebuilt title if the cost of repairing it to a roadworthy condition exceeds 60% of its fair market value at the time of the loss and is ten years old or newer.

Are there any restrictions on driving a vehicle with a rebuilt title in Oklahoma?

No specific driving restrictions are imposed on vehicles with rebuilt titles in Oklahoma. Once the vehicle passes inspection and is issued a rebuilt title, it is deemed roadworthy and can be legally driven like any other vehicle.

Can I sell a vehicle with a rebuilt title?

Yes, you can sell a vehicle with a rebuilt title in Oklahoma. However, it is essential to disclose the rebuilt title status to potential buyers and provide them with all relevant information about the vehicle's history, repairs, and inspections.

Will a rebuilt title affect a vehicle’s resale value in Oklahoma?

Yes, a rebuilt title can impact a vehicle's resale value. Buyers may perceive a rebuilt vehicle as having a lower value due to its prior salvage status and repairs.

Do I need to get my rebuilt vehicle inspected in Oklahoma?

Yes, a rebuilt vehicle inspection is required for salvage vehicles that are ten years old or newer. A Motor License Agent inspects to verify the vehicle's roadworthiness and salvage title status and ensure no odometer fraud.

Can I get insurance for a vehicle with a rebuilt title in Oklahoma?

Yes, it is possible to get insurance for a vehicle with a rebuilt title in Oklahoma. However, it is essential to note that some insurance companies may have specific policies or restrictions for ensuring rebuilt vehicles.