How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Massachusetts

How to Get Rebuilt Title in Massachusetts

While many severely damaged cars end up in the scrapyard, those with a rebuilt title in Massachusetts find a new lease on life.

These vehicles, once deemed total losses by insurance companies and unfit for the road, can be restored and legally driven again.

In Massachusetts, a vehicle must first have a salvage title—indicating it was totaled—before it can receive a rebuilt title.

This process affirms that the vehicle, despite its past, has been repaired to meet safety standards.

The path to securing a rebuilt title involves passing a thorough inspection and submitting an application fee to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV).

This guide will provide detailed insights into obtaining a rebuilt title in Massachusetts, ensuring you understand each step to bring your vehicle back to roadworthy condition.

How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Massachusetts

To apply for a rebuilt title, it is necessary to visit your local RMV agency and provide the following personally:

1. A Fully Completed Application for Registration and Title Form

To get a rebuilt title in Massachusetts, you must obtain the Registration and Title Application form from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) or their official website.

Carefully fill out the form with accurate details, including providing the vehicle's identification number (VIN), make, and model. Also, ensure the information is accurate, as any discrepancies may cause delays in the application process.

In addition, if you are registering the salvage vehicle simultaneously, your insurance agent must stamp the form to certify that the vehicle is insured.

2. The Salvage Repairable Title

The salvage repairable title is a legal document indicating the vehicle's salvage status and ownership transfer.

You can obtain this from the previous owner or apply for a salvage certificate: Vehicle owners desiring to acquire a salvage title must provide the following documents to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles via traditional mail:

  • The original title certificate
  • A correctly filled out RMV-1 Application form indicating the appropriate salvage title selection.
  • Payment of the applicable salvage title fee
  • Valid proof of lien satisfaction if applicable.

3. The Certificate of Salvage Inspection

The salvage inspector conducts a partial inspection of all vehicles submitted for salvage assessment.

During the inspection, the inspector verifies the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and the odometer reading of each vehicle included in the salvage inspection application.

To validate the VIN, secondary sources may be consulted, and the vehicle's exterior is examined to ensure its alignment with the stated year, make, model, and color as specified in the application and supporting documents.

This inspection confirms the following:

  • The integrity of the vehicle's parts, ensuring that they have not been removed, falsified, altered, defaced, destroyed, or tampered with.
  • The accuracy and truthfulness of the vehicle information provided in the application and supporting documents.

In addition to the vehicles randomly selected for partial inspection, any vehicle lacking a Vehicle Identification Number will be subjected to a comprehensive inspection.

Suppose you decide to remove a vehicle from the inspection facility after being informed of its selection for a full inspection but before the actual examination.

In that case, the inspector may retain your original documents and forward them to the Registrar.

In such cases, the Registrar retains the authority to refuse to issue a Title for the respective vehicle.

Once the vehicle successfully passes the salvage inspection, you are eligible to apply for a Reconstructed or Recovered Theft Title, depending on the circumstances applicable to your vehicle.

If you fail the salvage inspection, the inspector will guide you on the necessary steps to take next.

4. The Vehicle's Registration, If Applicable

If the salvage vehicle already possesses a certificate of registration in Massachusetts, it is necessary to include a copy of this document when applying for a rebuilt title.

Including a copy of the current certificate of registration serves several purposes. It helps establish a record of the salvage vehicle's previous legal status and provides evidence that it was registered and operated according to Massachusetts motor vehicle laws.

Furthermore, submitting the current registration certificate demonstrates compliance with the state's registration requirements and showcases your responsibility as the current owner of the salvage vehicle.

By presenting this document, you provide the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) with a comprehensive overview of the vehicle's history and ownership details.

5. Payment of a $75 Fee To Obtain the Rebuilt Title

The final step to get rebuilt title in Massachusetts is to pay a $75 fee. After this, you will get your rebuilt title within six weeks sent by the MA Registry of Motor Vehicles to your mail.

Once you possess the title, you can use your car on the road without legal troubles.

Importance of Getting a Rebuilt Title in Massachusetts

There are several reasons to get a rebuilt title for a salvaged car:

1. It Makes Selling the Car Possible

Selling a car without a rebuilt title is challenging. But, a vehicle with a rebuilt title is more marketable because it instills confidence in potential buyers.

2. Gives Confidence of Road Worthiness

Rebuilt titles, although they do not erase the vehicle's history of damage or associated risks, assure that a qualified inspector has attested to the complete restoration of the car, rendering it safe for driving.

3. Necessity

The title is indispensable for legally and securely operating vehicles previously salvaged. You can’t drive a salvage vehicle without getting a rebuilt title.

How To Register a Vehicle With an Out-Of-State Salvage Title

To register a vehicle with an out-of-state salvage title in Massachusetts, you must first undergo an inspection.

Inspections conducted in other states will only be recognized in Massachusetts if there is a prior agreement between the two states.

However, if you purchase a vehicle with an out-of-state salvage title, you must obtain a salvage title in your name before going through the salvage inspection process.

This means transferring the title into your name and following the necessary procedures in Massachusetts.

Buying a Car With a Rebuilt Title Worth It in Massachusetts

When purchasing vehicles with rebuilt titles, it is essential to exercise caution. While some of these cars may have legitimate repairs and offer a good deal, others may have hidden mechanical issues.

It is recommended to thoroughly inspect the vehicle, consider its history, and seek the assistance of a professional mechanic before making a purchase.

Salvage vs. Rebuilt Titles in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, a salvage title indicates that a vehicle has been deemed a total loss by an insurance company due to damage or other factors.

On the other hand, a rebuilt title is given to vehicles that were once salvaged but have undergone refurbishment and passed a rigorous inspection by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register the vehicle at the same time as applying for a rebuilt title?

Yes, it is possible to register the automobile simultaneously when applying for a rebuilt title.

In such cases, ensure that your insurance agent stamps the Application for Registration and Title (Form TTLREG100) accordingly.

How long does it take to receive a rebuilt title in Massachusetts?

The processing time for a rebuilt title in Massachusetts can vary. Generally, it takes at least six weeks for the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) to mail the rebuilt title to the vehicle owner.

Are there any fees associated with obtaining a rebuilt title in Massachusetts?

Yes, a fee is associated with obtaining a rebuilt title in Massachusetts. The current fee is $75.

Can I drive the vehicle with a salvage title while waiting for the rebuilt title?

No, driving a vehicle with a salvage title is not permissible. Until the vehicle obtains a rebuilt title, it is considered unsafe for road use. Refraining from operating the vehicle until the rebuilt title is issued is advised.

What should I do if my salvage inspection fails?

In the event of a failed salvage inspection, the salvage inspector will guide the necessary steps to rectify the situation.

It is crucial to address the issues identified during the inspection and ensure that the necessary repairs are carried out before reapplying for a salvage inspection.