How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Idaho

How to Get Rebuilt Title in Idaho

When a salvage vehicle in Idaho is restored to a condition that meets safety standards, it becomes eligible for a rebuilt title.

This designation allows the car to be legally driven on public roads again, but it also serves as a marker of its past damages for any future owners.

The journey to obtaining a rebuilt title in Idaho begins with securing a salvage title, followed by conducting the required repairs to restore the vehicle to a safe operational state.

Once these steps are completed, an application for a rebuilt title can be submitted to the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

This guide will walk you through the process of obtaining a rebuilt title in Idaho, from initial repair work to the final DMV submission.

How To Procure a Salvage Title in Idaho

To acquire a salvage title from Idaho, vehicle owners must qualify as a salvaged vehicle.

A motor vehicle designated as salvage can only be titled as such if it complies with the salvage requirements set forth by the Transportation Department (ITD).

To obtain a salvage car title, owners must submit the following documents to the ITD:

  1. Salvage Certificate of Title Application (form ITD 3312)
  2. Previous title or an equivalent ownership document issued by another jurisdiction
  3. VIN Inspection Certification (form ITD 3403), mandatory if the title was issued in a different state
  4. Payment of the $14 salvage title fee

In addition to the documentation mentioned above, motorists may be required to remit a sales tax payment based on the purchase price.

How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Idaho

You must get a rebuilt title to operate your salvage vehicle in Idaho legally. To obtain a rebuilt salvage title, it is necessary for you or a qualified mechanic to diligently repair and reconstruct the vehicle to meet the state's specific motor vehicle equipment standards applicable to your vehicle type.

After restoring your car, you must personally visit the motor vehicle office at your county assessor's office and bring the following items:

  1. Your salvage certificate.
  2. A completed Salvage Vehicle Statement (Form ITD 3311).
  3. The required fee of $14.
  4. Be prepared to complete any additional forms as determined necessary by the IDT based on your circumstances.

Once all the necessary documentation and requirements are submitted, you must wait for your Rebuilt Title, which can take about two weeks.

How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Idaho for Out-of-State Vehicles

The rules and processes differ when you bring salvage vehicles from out of state into Idaho. You must inform the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD), and they will guide you on the steps to take based on your specific situation.

Generally, out-of-state vehicles have the following cases:

1. Buying a Salvage Vehicle from Another State:

If you purchase a salvage vehicle in another state, you don't need to give up the rebuilt title of the car. But you must apply for an Idaho salvage certificate within 30 days of getting the out-of-state title.

2. Idaho-Titled Car Becoming Salvage in Another State:

If you have a car already titled in Idaho but becomes a salvage vehicle in another state, the car owner or the insurance company must inform the Idaho Transportation Department.

Depending on the circumstances, you can apply for a salvaged certificate or a rebuilt title.

Checking the Status of My Rebuilt Title Application in Idaho

Yes, you can track the progress of your rebuilt title application by accessing the Idaho Department of Transportation's (IDT) website.

It allows you to monitor the status of your title, providing valuable updates and insights throughout the application process.

Timeframe To Get a Rebuilt Title in Idaho

The timeline for acquiring a rebuilt title is contingent upon the duration of the repair process.

Once the application for the car title is filed, it is typically expected to be issued within two weeks.

If you feel restless during the waiting period for your rebuilt title,  you can check the title's status on the website of the Idaho Department of Transportation (IDT).

What Is the Process if an Insurance Company Acquires a Salvage Vehicle Due to a Total Loss and Wants to Sell It?

The insurance company must obtain an Idaho salvage certificate before proceeding with the vehicle's resale.

They must submit a completed application form, payment for the applicable fee, and an adequately released ownership document.

Converting a Salvage Title Into a Clean Title in Idaho

It is essential to note that a salvage title cannot be transformed into a clean title in Idaho.

However, the alternative option is obtaining a rebuilt title, which signifies that the vehicle has undergone necessary repairs and has been restored to a functional condition, increasing its marketability for potential buyers.

Converting a Rebuilt Title to a Clean Title?

Converting a rebuilt or salvage title into a clean title in the United States is illegal. Some scammers engage in fraudulent activities such as forging clean titles or transferring cars across state lines to make them appear as clean titles.

To verify the title status of a vehicle, you can run a VIN check or request a vehicle history report online.

Branded Titles in Idaho

In Idaho, a branded title indicates that a car has been declared a total loss or has encountered some significant issue.

Cars with branded titles have undergone repairs or rebuilding before being sold. The term "branded title" signifies that the car may have been damaged in a flood, had its odometer tampered with, or been involved in a significant accident.

How To Get Insurance on a Car with Rebuilt Title

Salvage cars are seen as losses, so they can’t get insurance coverage. However, once you undertake the comprehensive process of rebuilding, which entails repairing the vehicle and obtaining a new title, you can start looking for insurance.

However, these cars are still considered high-risk, and most insurance companies won’t provide coverage.

Hence, many insurance companies may offer only liability coverage, which ensures legal compliance for driving the vehicle but does not provide compensation for repairing the car in the event of an accident.

Naturally, obtaining insurance coverage for your rebuilt car before driving is essential. So, with persistence and thorough research, you can find an insurer offering high coverage.

Therefore, be prepared to provide any evidence or documentation requested by the insurance company, such as the rebuilt salvage title, records detailing the repairs undertaken, receipts, inspections, and other pertinent documents.

Insurance Options for Vehicles With Rebuilt Titles in Idaho

Obtaining insurance coverage for vehicles with rebuilt titles in Idaho may pose challenges.

While some insurance companies may offer liability coverage to meet legal driving requirements, comprehensive coverage might be more challenging.

It is advisable to explore insurance providers diligently to find those willing to offer comprehensive coverage for vehicles with rebuilt titles.

The Importance of a Rebuilt Title in Idaho

Obtaining a rebuilt title is an absolute requirement if you intend to drive or sell a salvaged vehicle in Idaho.

Prospective buyers of used cars are strongly advised against considering vehicles with salvage titles, which can pose significant challenges in securing insurance coverage. Additionally, selling such vehicles can be an arduous task.

Understanding that a salvage title cannot be converted into a clean title is essential. However, obtaining a rebuilt title serves as the next best option.

A rebuilt title indicates that the vehicle has undergone necessary repairs and has been restored to a functional state, significantly enhancing its prospects for resale.

Idaho Rebuilt Title Fees

The final step in the Idaho salvage title application process involves paying the appropriate fees for the title certificate.

The Idaho Department of Transportation (ITD) has determined that the cost of obtaining such a title is $14, covering the issuance of the corresponding certificate.

Alongside this fee, vehicle owners may also be obliged to remit payment for the applicable sales tax based on the vehicle's purchase price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a sales tax payment required to obtain a rebuilt title?

Yes, in some cases, you may be required to remit a sales tax payment based on the purchase price of the salvage vehicle.

Can I bring an out-of-state salvage vehicle to Idaho for a rebuilt title?

Yes, you can bring an out-of-state salvage vehicle to Idaho. The process and requirements may vary, so it's best to contact the Idaho Transportation Department for specific instructions based on your situation.

Can I register and drive a vehicle with a salvage title in Idaho?

No, a salvage title does not allow you to operate a salvage vehicle on public roads. You must complete the necessary repairs and inspections and obtain a rebuilt title before the vehicle can be legally registered and driven.