How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Hawaii

How to Get Rebuilt Title in Hawaii

In Hawaii, a rebuilt title is assigned to vehicles that were once considered total losses by insurance companies but have been restored and made safe for driving.

This situation arises when a vehicle's damage exceeds half its market value, leading to its classification as a salvage title vehicle.

Instead of being dismantled for parts, these vehicles can undergo significant repairs to return to the road.

The path to securing a rebuilt title in Hawaii involves having the vehicle repaired by a state-approved mechanic, followed by a thorough inspection to confirm its roadworthiness.

This article will delve into the specifics of obtaining a rebuilt title in Hawaii, guiding you through the necessary repairs, inspection, and documentation process.

Why You Should Get Your Car a Rebuilt Title in Hawaii

A salvage-titled car is not suitable for driving, meaning obtaining a rebuilt title is essential if you plan to use or sell the vehicle.

Prospective buyers are commonly advised against purchasing vehicles with salvage certificates due to their inability to obtain insurance coverage in their current state.

But, a rebuilt title car, which has undergone necessary repairs to ensure safety and insurability, holds greater appeal for reselling.

Acquiring a rebuilt title is not a straightforward process, requiring significant investments of time and money.

However, obtaining a rebuilt title improves the prospects of successfully selling your car.

How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Hawaii

To get a rebuilt title in Hawaii, you need to get a salvage title, fix the car, take it for inspections then pay a rebuilt title fee.

Here is a more detailed approach to getting a rebuilt title in Hawaii:

1. Get a Salvage Title in Hawaii

The first thing to do to start obtaining a rebuilt title in Hawaii must be to acquire the salvage title.

This requires exchanging your car's original title, registration, and license plates at a satellite city hall office.

Each Hawaii county may have its specific procedure for applying for a salvage title and associated fees.

It is advisable to contact the vehicle services division of your county to obtain detailed information on the entire process of obtaining your salvage title.

2. Make the Repairs

When it's time to reconstruct your salvaged car, you must involve an approved Repair Salvage Dealer (RDS).

Unlike other states, Hawaii requires a salvage car to be rebuilt by an authorized mechanic, prohibiting owners from personally conducting the repairs.

However, entrusting the task to a salvage mechanic authorized by the state of Hawaii ensures a smooth re-registration of the vehicle upon completion of the repairs.

Once the car has been rebuilt, the mechanic must provide a certification stating that the vehicle has been restored to the manufacturer's specifications and has successfully passed the required inspection.

This certification officially acknowledges that the necessary repairs and restoration work have been completed on the vehicle, ensuring its compliance with the required standards.

3. Gather the Documents Needed for a Rebuilt Title in Hawaii

To get a rebuilt title in Hawaii, you must gather the following documents and bring them to your county transportation office:

  • The salvage title of the car.
  • The original clean title, along with the registration and license plates of the vehicle.
  • Certification from the Repair Salvage Dealer (RDS) confirming that the vehicle has been rebuilt according to the required standards.
  • Certification from the RDS stating that the vehicle has undergone a comprehensive inspection.

4. Submit the Documents and Pay the Fees

Submit all the required salvaged title paperwork to the licensing agency of your county.

Make the requisite payments to cover the fees for titling and registering your vehicle.

It's important to note that each county in Hawaii has its own set of fees and additional documentation requirements.

To obtain specific details about the necessary documents for your county, it is recommended to contact your county's licensing agency:

Upon completion of the process, your vehicle's Hawaii title will reflect the designation of "Rebuilt Vehicle."

Where To Get a Rebuilt Title in Hawaii

To apply for a rebuilt title, it is recommended to contact your county's licensing agency. Here are the contacts of each county:

  • County of Honolulu: (808) 532-4324
  • County of Hawaii: (808) 961-8351
  • County of Maui: (808) 270-7363
  • County of Kauai: (808) 241-4256

Insurance for a Vehicle With a Rebuilt Title

Insurance premiums for rebuilt vehicles are generally higher than those with clean titles. This is due to the perceived higher risk associated with rebuilt vehicles.

Vehicle owners must consider this factor when budgeting for insurance costs and be prepared for potentially higher premiums.

Obtaining Comprehensive or Collision Coverage for a Vehicle With a Rebuilt Title

Obtaining comprehensive or collision coverage for a vehicle with a rebuilt title can be more challenging than for a regular vehicle.

Many insurance companies typically offer only liability insurance, which fulfills the minimum coverage requirements in most states.

However, if the damage sustained by the rebuilt vehicle was relatively minor, some insurance companies may consider offering comprehensive or collision coverage on a case-by-case basis.

Vehicle owners should consult their insurance provider to explore the available coverage options.

Is It a Good Thing to Buy a Rebuilt Vehicle?

It is essential to exercise caution when buying a rebuilt vehicle in Hawaii. Some individuals may only attempt to sell salvaged and rebuilt vehicles if they disclose their true history or the extent of their previous damage.

If a salvaged car has yet to undergo proper repairs, inspections, and titling processes before being sold or purchased, it can lead to significant legal issues and costly consequences.

To protect themselves, a rebuilt vehicle buyer should obtain a vehicle history report to validate the accuracy of the salvaged title information.

Also, familiarize yourself with the required paperwork for buying used vehicles, including the bill of sale regulations.

Cost of Getting a Rebuilt Title in Hawaii

The fees associated with titling and registering a salvage or rebuilt motor vehicle are equivalent to those for a regular vehicle. But, the actual cost may vary across different counties.

Additionally, each Hawaii Department of Transportation office in the respective counties may impose different sums of money for the procedure.

Hence, before settling the salvage title and registration fees, vehicle owners must ascertain the specific fees applicable to their situation.

Inspections Requirements for a Rebuilt Title in Hawaii

The specific inspections required for a rebuilt title in Hawaii may vary depending on the county.

Generally, a safety inspection and a rebuilt inspection by a certified mechanic or inspection facility are necessary to ensure the vehicle meets the required standards.

Financing a Vehicle With a Rebuilt Title

Financing options for vehicles with rebuilt titles can be more limited than those with clean titles.

It is recommended to check with different lenders or financial institutions to determine their policies regarding financing for rebuilt vehicles.

Can I Change a Salvage Title to a Rebuilt Title If the Vehicle Was Previously Declared a Total Loss?

Yes, converting a salvage title to a rebuilt title in Hawaii is possible if the vehicle has been adequately repaired and passes the necessary inspections.

The process involves submitting the required documentation and following the guidelines set by your county's vehicle services division.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I repair the salvaged vehicle myself to qualify for a rebuilt title in Hawaii?

No, Hawaii regulations mandate that authorized RDS conduct repairs and inspections for salvaged vehicles. It is not permissible for individuals to undertake the repairs themselves to meet the qualifications for a rebuilt title.

How much time does obtaining a rebuilt title in Hawaii typically take?

The time frame of the application process can vary depending on the amount of labor required for the repairs and the processing time at your local city hall.

Can I sell a vehicle with a rebuilt title in Hawaii?

Yes, you can sell a vehicle with a rebuilt title in Hawaii. However, it is essential to disclose the rebuilt title status to potential buyers and provide all the relevant information and documentation regarding the repairs and inspections.

Can I apply for a rebuilt title if I purchased a salvaged vehicle from another state?

You can apply for a rebuilt title for a salvaged vehicle acquired from another state. You will need to follow the process outlined by your county's vehicle services division and provide the necessary documentation for inspection and approval.

Will a vehicle’s value be affected by having a rebuilt title?

Generally, vehicles with rebuilt titles have a lower market value than those with clean titles. This is due to the history of significant damage and repairs.

Can I transfer a vehicle with a rebuilt title to another person?

Yes, you can transfer a vehicle with a rebuilt title to another person in Hawaii.

The standard process for transferring ownership applies, which may involve completing a bill of sale, submitting the required paperwork, and paying any applicable fees.