How to Get a Rebuilt Title in Arizona

How to Get Rebuilt Title in Arizona

If your vehicle has been damaged in an accident or declared a total loss for any reason, securing a rebuilt title is essential for legally driving it again in Arizona.

The journey to this title starts with obtaining a salvage title, signifying the vehicle's initial unroadworthiness for public road use, as determined by the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division.

Following the salvage title, the vehicle must be adequately repaired and restored. Only after these repairs can you pursue a rebuilt title, which validates the car's safety and roadworthiness.

This guide will cover the steps and requirements for obtaining a rebuilt title in Arizona, ensuring you have all the information to navigate the process successfully.

A Rebuilt Title vs. a Clean Title

A rebuilt title is not the same as a clean title, nor does it erase the vehicle's history of damage.

Instead, a rebuilt title serves as a testament to the vehicle's restoration efforts and its official certification as roadworthy.

Why Is the Rebuilt Title So Important?

If your car has experienced significant damage resulting in a total loss and currently bears a salvage title, there are two key reasons why you may need to pursue a rebuilt title:

1. To Restoring the Vehicle for Road Use

Restored damaged cars without a rebuilt title are legally prohibited from driving on public roads.

Therefore, obtaining a rebuilt title becomes essential if you wish to regain the ability to operate the exact vehicle within the confines of the law.

2. To Sell the Car

You must get a rebuilt title to sell a previously salvaged car. If not, a car with just a salvage title indicates potentially irreparable damage and unknown safety risks, making it less desirable in the eyes of many potential buyers.

A rebuilt title will show buyers that the necessary repairs have been taken, making it fit for road use.

How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Arizona

To get a rebuilt title in Arizona, a vehicle must have previously held a salvage title due to substantial damage or being declared a total loss by an insurance company.

Following the necessary repairs or restoration, the vehicle must be inspected to ensure its roadworthiness.

Then, the car owners can apply to the Motor Vehicle Division in Arizona for a “Restored Salvage Title” with accompanying fees.

1. Getting a Salvage Title in Arizona

Arizona legally defines a salvage vehicle as one that has suffered significant damage from a collision, water-related incidents, or theft, rendering it impractical to repair economically.

In most cases, the insurance company designates a car as salvage, although the vehicle's owner or the financing entity may also make such a declaration.

When the insurance company retains ownership of your vehicle as part of the settlement, they assume responsibility for the salvage certificate application. You must transfer the original title to the insurance company accordingly.

To obtain a Salvage Certificate in Arizona, complete the Title and Registration Application (Form 96-0236) and submit it to the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) office.

2. Undergoing a Vehicle Inspection

To get a rebuilt title, the car has to undergo a comprehensive restoration process and meticulous scrutiny to ensure its roadworthiness.

The Motor Vehicles Division is responsible for evaluating whether the vehicle meets the requirements for a restored salvage title by conducting a thorough inspection.

The primary objective of the MVD is to prioritize road safety and combat auto theft. As a result, individuals who have restored salvaged vehicles must undergo a Level III inspection to verify that all major components and essential parts used in the vehicle's restoration have not been stolen.

This inspection encompasses critical elements, including the front assembly, engine, transmission, and, for applicable vehicles such as trucks, the rear-end assembly.

Moreover, the vehicle must meet all the necessary safety standards to ensure it is in optimal working condition for road usage.

Requirements for the Inspection

Strict adherence to specific requirements is imperative when undergoing the inspection process.

This includes providing the following:

  • Vehicle ownership evidence.
  • Valid driver's license.
  • Detailed documentation of all receipts and invoices for all parts used in the restoration and repair of the vehicle.
  • An emissions Compliance Certificate may be required depending on the circumstances.
  • $50 inspection fee.

3. Application and Submission

Submit the completed application form, supporting documents, and a $4 fee for the title and $8 for registration to the ADOT Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) office.

If all the requirements are met and the application is approved, the ADOT will issue a rebuilt title for your vehicle.

The newly issued title will prominently indicate that the vehicle holds a restored salvage status, serving as a permanent record of its previous salvage classification.

If you intend to sell the vehicle, it is crucial to adhere to Arizona law, which mandates the disclosure of its salvage history to potential buyers.

Inspections for Rebuilt Titles in Arizona

Why Is a Level III Inspection Required in Arizona?

In Arizona, a Level III inspection is necessary to stop auto theft and ensure the safety of restored salvage vehicles.

This comprehensive inspection, conducted by peace officers, verifies that the vehicle's front-end assembly, engine, transmission, and rear-end assembly are equipped for highway use.

Type of Inspection for a Rebuilt Title in Arizona

Arizona mandates a Level III inspection for obtaining a rebuilt title. This meticulous examination, administered by certified Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) agents, represents the highest level of scrutiny.

It aims to verify that the repaired or restored vehicle meets all required safety and performance standards.

Required Fees for the Level III Inspections  for a Rebuilt Title in Arizona

The fee for a Level III inspection conducted by the Arizona MVD is $50. It is advisable, however, to confirm with the MVD for any potential revisions or adjustments to the fee structure.

Getting Insurance on a Car With a Rebuilt Title in Arizona

The possibility of obtaining comprehensive coverage on cars with rebuilt titles is limited to certain car insurance companies.

When a vehicle is labeled with a rebuilt or restored title, it signifies that it was previously deemed salvage following a significant motor vehicle accident.

Despite the insurance company declaring it a total loss, the vehicle underwent repairs or restoration to restore its operational condition.

In most states, obtaining a restored title requires a mandatory inspection to ensure the vehicle's roadworthiness after repair.

How To Purchase a Salvaged Vehicle

Yes, you can buy a salvage vehicle. However, the seller must disclose to the buyer that they are purchasing a salvage vehicle.

Under Arizona law, specifically ARS 28-2091-O, it is mandatory for individuals selling a vehicle with a salvage title to disclose this information to the buyer before finalizing the sale.

When buying a salvage vehicle, retain the proof of ownership for the replacement parts used in the repair or restoration.

Does a Rebuilt Title in Arizona Erase the Vehicle’s History of Damage?

No, obtaining a rebuilt title does not erase the vehicle's previous record of significant damage or salvage status.

Instead, a rebuilt title serves as an official recognition that the vehicle has undergone requisite repairs and has met the required criteria to be deemed roadworthy.

But, prospective buyers must be duly informed about the vehicle's prior salvage designation in compliance with Arizona laws.

Does Having a Rebuilt Title Indicate That the Vehicle Is of Poor Quality?

Having a rebuilt title doesn't necessarily mean a car is of poor quality but is contingent on the specific vehicle.

A rebuilt title signifies that the necessary repairs have been carried out and the vehicle has been certified safe to drive.

However, since the car was previously declared totaled, there is a possibility of unforeseen issues with the vehicle in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the total expenses involved in obtaining a rebuilt title in Arizona?

The total cost includes various components such as the $4 title fee, the $50 inspection fee, the $8 registration fee, the $1.50 air quality research fee, and the cumulative cost of repairs and applicable taxes.

Can a salvage vehicle be operated while obtaining a rebuilt title in Arizona?

No, driving a salvage vehicle on public roads in Arizona is prohibited. A salvage vehicle can only be operated once it has undergone the necessary repairs, successfully passed the inspection, and been issued a rebuilt title by the MVD.

What is the typical timeframe for obtaining a rebuilt title in Arizona?

The processing and approval time for a rebuilt title application can vary. It primarily depends on the duration required to complete all necessary repairs on the salvaged vehicle.