How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Alabama

How to Get Rebuilt Title in Alabama

Getting a rebuilt title in Alabama means taking a car that was once considered a total loss and making it road-ready again.

This process starts when an insurance company writes off a damaged vehicle, usually sending it to a salvage yard.

However, not all is lost; these vehicles can be repaired, pass inspections, and return to the road legally with a rebuilt title.

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In Alabama, you'll first need a salvage title, which shows the car was significantly damaged and deemed a total loss. After repairs, the car can be inspected and, if it meets standards, it gets a rebuilt title.

Let’s walk through how this works in Alabama, offering you straightforward advice to navigate the process.

How To Get a Savage Title in Alabama

Individuals must undertake a series of steps to get a salvage title certificate in Alabama, depending on whether they are the original vehicle owner or an insurance provider.

When initiating the salvage title application, the following procedures must be completed:

  1. Verify the vehicle identification number (VIN) and compare it with the relevant details on the existing title to ensure accuracy.
  2. Complete the Application for Salvage Certificate of Title.
  3. If you are an uninsured or self-insured vehicle owner, complete and sign Section A.
  4. When applying as a representative of an insurance company, fill out and sign Section B.
  5. If applicable, obtain lien release forms or provide information about the lienholder.
  6. Arrange payment for the applicable fee.
  7. Submit the MVT 41-1 form, fee payment, and current title certificate to:

Alabama Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Division

P.O. Box 327640

Montgomery, AL 36132-7640

Once a salvage title request is received, the Alabama Department of Revenue will dispatch the salvage certificate to either the applicant's address.

It can also be sent to the lienholder's address if the vehicle has an outstanding lien. When applying for this title, insurance companies must obtain the appropriately reassigned title from the car owner before submitting their application.

Alabama Salvage Title Requirements

The successfully apply for an Alabama salvage vehicle title, you must meet specific requirements outlined by the state.

According to current regulations, the Department of Revenue (DOR) issues salvage certificates solely for vehicles that conform to the defined criteria of a salvage vehicle.

Such vehicles must have sustained significant damage or destruction, classifying them as total losses by insurers or other authorized entities.

Generally, these damages must surpass 74 percent of the vehicle's actual value, excluding any pre-existing damage.

Additionally, uninsured or self-insured vehicle owners who have yet to procure the services of an auto insurance company can also qualify for a salvage title.

How Much It Costs To Get a Rebuilt Title in Alabama

Currently, the salvage title application fee is $15. Although, acquiring a rebuilt title necessitates additional expenditures.

For instance, during the vehicle inspection scheduling for a rebuilt title, you will be required to remit a $75 application fee alongside a $15 title fee, resulting in a total of $90.

Additionally, if you choose to procure new license plates for your vehicle, you will be responsible for the associated registration costs.

How To Know If a Car Needs a Rebuilt Title

In most scenarios, acquiring a rebuilt title becomes necessary if you intend to sell or operate a car that has previously been declared a total loss.

However, selling a car with a salvage title to individuals passionate about automobiles who aim to restore it themselves is also possible.

It is vital to note that buyers are not so enthusiastic about buying salvaged vehicles. But, potential buyers tend to be more receptive to purchasing a car with a rebuilt title.

This provides a sense of reassurance, as a licensed inspector has certified the vehicle's comprehensive repairs and ensured its safety and roadworthiness.

Moreover, a rebuilt title is the only legal means by which a previously totaled car can be operated on public roads.

How To Get a Rebuilt Title in Alabama

Securing a rebuilt title in Alabama demands considerable time and financial resources. After securing the salvage title, you must be entitled to carry out the essential repairs on your vehicle, either personally or by entrusting it to a licensed mechanic.

However, before applying for a rebuilt title, you must schedule an appointment with the Alabama Department of Revenue for a comprehensive car inspection.

If you are contemplating whether repairing your vehicle following an insurance claim accident is mandatory, consider the specific circumstances and provisions stipulated in your insurance policy.

Alabama Rebuilt Title Requirements

When applying for a rebuilt title in Alabama, the following crucial documents must be furnished during the inspection process:

  1. Salvage title
  2. Completed Application for Inspection of a Salvage Vehicle and Affirmation Supporting Salvage Certificate (Form INV 26-15)
  3. Notarized bill of sale for the vehicle
  4. Bills of sale for any significant components procured to repair the car
  5. Copy of the vehicle registration (if you are the original owner) or a copy of the rebuilder's license (if you are the new owner)
  6. Inspection Application Remittance Advice (Form INV 31-1)
  7. Payment of the applicable fees for inspection and titling. To fulfill the financial obligations, a certified check amounting to $90 ($75 application fee + $15 title fee) and a fee of $1.50 for each processed application must be provided.

Insurance and Resale Value of Cars With Rebuilt Titles in Alabama

Despite such vehicles' operational efficiency and safety, certain insurance companies will refuse to provide coverage for them.

When coverage is offered, it often comes with limitations and minimal protection. Insuring a vehicle with a rebuilt title may necessitate higher premiums or accepting reduced liability coverage, potentially leaving owners financially vulnerable in the event of future damages.

The repercussions of insurance coverage alone contribute to the depreciation of the resale value of rebuilt vehicles.

Consequently, individuals attempting to sell later-model vehicles with rebuilt titles may encounter significant obstacles in securing adequate financial support from potential buyers.

Although converting a salvage title to a rebuilt title is possible, several limitations demand careful consideration.

Familiarizing oneself with the original salvage claim, understanding state-mandated inspection requirements, being aware of insurance restrictions, and comprehending any constraints on reselling the vehicle are crucial steps for a smooth process.

It is important to note that not all salvage vehicles are eligible for a rebuilt title, and navigating the process with knowledge and awareness is vital.

Insurance Considerations for Vehicles With Rebuilt Titles in Alabama

Insurance considerations for vehicles with rebuilt titles in Alabama require careful attention.

While some insurance companies may offer coverage, it is essential to note that such coverage is often limited and may come with higher premiums or reduced liability protection.

It is advisable to consult insurance providers to understand their policies and rates for vehicles with rebuilt titles.

Financing Vehicles With Rebuilt Titles in Alabama

Securing financing for vehicles with rebuilt titles in Alabama can pose challenges. Many lenders hesitate to finance vehicles with salvage history or rebuilt titles.

Prospective buyers of such vehicles may encounter restrictions when seeking financial assistance.

It is advisable to explore financing options thoroughly and engage in discussions with lenders to ascertain their specific policies and requirements.

Are Cars With Rebuilt Titles in Alabama Poor Quality?

The perception of a rebuilt title in Alabama can vary. While a rebuilt title signifies that the car is in good working condition and considered safe to drive, it's important to note that rebuilt cars may have more long-term issues than those without a rebuilt title.

It's recommended to exercise your judgment or seek advice from a mechanic before making a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all vehicles eligible for a rebuilt title in Alabama?

Not all vehicles qualify for a rebuilt title in Alabama. Generally, only vehicles deemed total losses by insurers or other legal entities and have undergone substantial repairs to restore their functionality and roadworthiness can be considered for a rebuilt title.

How long does it usually take to get a rebuilt title in Alabama?

The timeframe for obtaining a rebuilt title in Alabama can vary depending on various factors. The duration is influenced by variables such as the extent of repairs needed for the salvaged vehicle, the efficiency of the application process, and the workload of the Alabama Department of Revenue. Therefore, the specific duration cannot be precisely determined and may differ case-by-case.

Can I register a car with a salvage title in Alabama?

A salvage vehicle can only be registered or driven on public roads in Alabama once a rebuilt title has been issued.

Is it possible to purchase a car with a rebuilt title?

Yes, it is possible to buy a car with a rebuilt title. However, it's crucial to thoroughly evaluate the vehicle's condition and history before deciding.

What is the age requirement for a car to be exempt from titling in Alabama?

Any motor vehicle that is at most 35 model years old used in Alabama must be registered in Alabama and must have an Alabama certificate of title.