Step 2 – Manage Car Dealer Replies

After submitting a price quote request you should receive email responses from all the dealerships within 24 hours. Many of these responses will be too vague. They will not be specific in terms of trim, options, or priceor the response will simply contain the salesman's contact information. That's ok! I've made it easy for you to respond to their emails.

Get exactly the information that you need by using email templates. Just update the template below and copy and paste the text into your email.

Email #1 – Ask for a clear car price quote

In order to get the information you need from each dealer, enter the fields below to update the email template. Feel free to tweak the text as necessary.

Dealer/Salesman's Name:
Year: ex. 2010
Make: ex. Nissan
Model/Trim: ex. Maxima 3.5 SV
Preferred Color1: ex. black
Preferred Color2: ex. metallic gray
Your Name:


Copy the email template and paste it into your reply to the dealer's email. Send to the dealer, but be sure to proof-read first.

Track all your emails and car dealer responses in my car price comparison worksheet.

If you do not receive all the information you ask for, feel free to reply again requesting more specifics. If the dealer is still not forthcoming, it's probably best to move on and focus on your remaining quotes.