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Hyundai and Ford Slash EV Prices in a Bid to Compete with Tesla

A launch Ford Mustang Mach-E GT on display at the Chicago Auto Show

Tesla’s price cuts throughout 2023 lit a fire under automakers, prompting Hyundai to lean into generous lease deals and Ford slashing EV prices on its Mustang and F150 EV models. Ford’s steep discounts on its leading performance model, the Mustang Mach-E GT, are a clear sign that legacy automakers feel the pressure from Fremont. – […]

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Rivian Achieves Two Major Successes with R1T Pickup and Amazon’s EDV Milestones

Three Rivians Parked in Front of Charger

Rivian’s big win at the 2023 Rebelle Rally, combined with its steady delivery of Amazon EDV (electric delivery vans)  reaching five figures, demonstrates a company building firm foundations for its brand and manufacturing. At a time when other all-electric startups are floundering or going bankrupt, Rivian is starting to find its stride. – Steve Birkett, […]

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Unlimited Tesla Supercharging Upgrade Offered to Stoke Q423 Demand

A line of Tesla superchargers

As 2023 draws to a close, Tesla will pull as many demand levers as possible to end the year on a positive note and set the stage for 2024. While price cuts attract new buyers, they can alienate existing Tesla owners who bought when MSRP on their model was higher. Offering transferable unlimited Tesla Supercharging […]

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After Four Year Wait, Tesla Cybertruck Deliveries Begin November 30th

A Tesla Cybertruck prototype at Gigafactory Austin, TX

As the only completely new model on the company’s product roadmap, the Tesla Cybertruck carries a huge weight of expectation. Four long years after its initial reveal, a lot has changed but the EV market is crying out for an all-electric long range truck that can be produced at scale. If Tesla Cybertruck deliveries achieve […]

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GM and Ford Electric Truck Delays Hand Initiative to Tesla

Despite being earlier to market with very different all-electric trucks, Ford and General Motors are finding it challenging to produce and sell these models at scale. With Tesla Cybertruck mass production finally looming, Elon Musk could yet have the last laugh on more traditional truck makers. – Steve Birkett, Senior EV Editor October 17th, 2023 […]

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As Hyundai-Kia Brands Confirm NACS Adoption, Tesla’s Magic Dock Expansion Raises Questions

Hyundai IONIQ 5 charges at a Tesla Supercharger with Magic Dock in Brewster, NY

For existing Hyundai-Kia EV drivers, the adoption of NACS comes with a mixture of relief that their model won’t be shut out of Superchargers, while also raising questions as to when Superchargers will be able to maximize the car’s capabilities if they have an 800V model.  For every other EV driver with a CCS model, […]

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