GM and Ford Electric Truck Delays Hand Initiative to Tesla

GM and Ford Electric Truck Delays Open Door for Tesla

Despite being earlier to market with very different all-electric trucks, Ford and General Motors are finding it challenging to produce and sell these models at scale. With Tesla Cybertruck mass production finally looming, Elon Musk could yet have the last laugh on more traditional truck makers.

- Steve Birkett, Senior EV Editor

October 17th, 2023 – General Motors dealt another blow to fans of all-electric trucks on Tuesday, as it announced delays of one year or more to its Chevrolet Silverado EV and GMC Sierra EV manufacturing plans. Originally intended to begin production at GM's Orion assembly facility in 2024, GM confirmed it will be late 2025 before the facility is transitioned to electric trucks made for consumers. Fleet orders for GM work trucks will be unaffected.

The concerning news comes just days after Ford put a temporary hold on production of the F150 Lightning, the Blue Oval's first all-electric pickup truck, at its Rouge Electric Vehicle Center. Against the backdrop of an ongoing strike by United Auto Workers and an EV price war started by Tesla earlier this year, the moves demonstrate the difficulty of transitioning to all-electric models for legacy automakers.

GM-Ford Electric Truck Models Delayed - Ford F150 Lightning on display

While GM has denied that UAW strike action had any influence on its production changes at Orion, Ford has paused work on its BlueOval Battery Park in Marshall, MI, citing uncertainties related to the ongoing negotiations.

These challenges around electric truck production and sales for established automakers open the door for Tesla to establish dominance in yet another vehicle segment. The long-awaited Cybertruck has been in the pipeline for almost four years and finally appears to be nearing production. If Tesla can ramp production of the polarizing all-electric pickup quickly in 2024, the clear leader in EV sedans and crossovers could also regain the ground that some believed it had lost when Ford and GM beat it to market with the first electric trucks,

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