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Michael Collado is a car buying expert and has been a professional automotive writer since 2009.  He's written about dealership sales, vehicle reviews and comparisons, and service and maintenance for over 100 national automotive dealerships.  Previously, Collado was a copywriter at the ad agency TBWA/Chiat/Day where he worked on brand campaigns for Nissan, ABC Television, Sony PlayStation, and Energizer. His recognition in the ad industry includes awards from Communication Arts and The Clios.

Collado has a Bachelor's degree from the University of South Florida, with a major in Psychology and a minor in Marketing.

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Truck Ratings: What Are the Best 3/4 Ton Trucks?

Best Three Quarter Ton Trucks

If you're looking for a truck that is going to give you more towing power and payload capability than a half-ton truck, then you will want to consider a ¾ truck. Three-quarter-ton trucks sit in the middle in terms of truck sizes, so it's a balance of performance and cost when choosing the right model.…

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How Long Is a Schoolbus? [For Different Types + Regulations]

How Long Is a Schoolbus

We know the wheels on the bus go ‘round and ‘round, but most of us don’t know exactly how long that bus is. Typically, a magic school bus measures around 35 to 40 feet in length, ready to embark on countless educational journeys. Let's take a look at the length of school buses, measurements for…

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North Carolina (NC) Car Sales Tax & Fees [+ Calculator]

North Carolina Sales Tax

Are you looking to purchase a vehicle in North Carolina? Then you must know that the state sales tax rate is 3% in North Carolina.  While this is lower than the national average, you should still learn if tax exemptions or if buying a car out of state can help. Here is a look at…

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Louisiana (LA) Vehicle Sales Tax & Fees [+ Calculator]

Louisiana Sales Tax

If you're planning to purchase a vehicle in Louisiana, then you will need to be prepared to pay the state sales tax. The state sales tax in Louisiana is 4.45% statewide. Counties can charge additional local tax, making the average sales tax 9.534% Because of this potential expense, many people want to know…

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Utah (UT) Car Sales Tax & Fees [+ Calculator]

Utah Car Sales Tax

Sales tax and other fees are often forgotten about in the excitement of making a new car purchase. But in Utah, you’ll need to be prepared to spend additional money on these extra costs. Utah's state sales tax rate is 4.85% of the vehicle's purchase price. But, local municipalities can also collect up to…

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Colorado (CO) Vehicle Sales Tax & Fees [+ Calculator]

Colorado Vehicle Sales Tax

Are you planning to purchase a new or a used vehicle in the state of Colorado? Make sure you know the rules that govern sales tax on vehicle purchases before you break out your checkbook. There could be some tax exemptions you may qualify for in Colorado. Our car experts did the research for you…

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Indiana (IN) Car Sales Tax & Fees [+ Calculator]

Indiana Car Sales Tax

Sales tax and other fees are often forgotten about in the excitement of making a new car purchase. You can expect to pay 7% in vehicle sales tax in Indiana. Learn everything you need to know about Indiana car sales tax so you can make an informed purchase. Key Takeaways Indiana vehicle sales tax is…

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Car Sales Tax in Iowa (IA) & Fees [+ Tax Calculator]

Iowa Car Sales Tax

Sales tax and other fees are vital to consider when buying a new car. Car sales tax in Iowa is 5% of the vehicle's purchase price.  Local governments may also charge up to 1% sales tax on cars. Here’s what to expect when it comes to taxes and fees in the state of Iowa. Key…

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The Hardest Cars to Steal in 2024: Protecting Your Precious Ride

Hardest Cars to Steal

Fortress on Wheels: The Unyielding Security of 2024's Toughest Cars to Steal Today, car theft has become an intricate task for criminals, as automakers employ sophisticated anti-theft systems to safeguard their vehicles. Before you shop for your next vehicle, take a comprehensive look at the hardest vehicles…

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Arkansas [AR] Vehicle Sales Tax & Fees [+ Calculator]

Arkansas Sales Tax

Before you buy a car in Arkansas, you'll want to be aware of the state’s 6.5% car sales tax which can impact the purchase price of the vehicle. As avid car guys, our editors know that many people wonder how they can avoid paying car sales tax and if buying a car out of state…

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