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Memorial Day Car Deals [2023 Edition]

Memorial Day Car Deals

If you’ve been thinking about buying a new car, Memorial Day weekend might be a good time to do it. The current inventory shortage is still causing a big markup on vehicle prices, so deals are more important than ever to offset the extra cost. Auto manufacturers are mainly showcasing deals on their 2023…

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Fourth of July Car Deals [2023 Edition]

Fourth of July Car Deals

If you're in the market for a new car, this Fourth of July might be a good time to pull the trigger. With higher than average car prices and limited inventory, finding the right deal is even more important. Car dealers are offering big cash back incentives, low-interest APR deals, and new car lease…

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Presidents Day Weekend Car Sales [2023 Edition]

Presidents Day Car Deals

Presidents Day Weekend is typically a great time to buy a car, but don't expect the biggest savings. The recent inventory and chip shortage is causing a big markup on vehicle prices, so deals are more important than ever to offset the extra cost. Best Presidents Day Lease Deals There are some great leasing…

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End of Model Year Car Deals [2023 Edition]

Model Year-End Clearance

The fall season means it’s time for model-end clearance deals. Unfortunately, we may not see the greatest deals this year because of the inventory shortages we saw in 2022. And yes, car manufacturers do start selling the new models before the new year starts (so you can actually buy a 2023 car in 2022).…

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Best Labor Day Car Deals [2023 Edition]

Labor Day Car Deals

We’re still seeing low inventory and steep markups on new cars, so deals are even more important to get prices closer to MSRP. Car dealers are offering cash back incentives and lease deals to get customers in the dealership during Labor Day weekend. Manufacturers start to release a few promotions on their…

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11 Tips for First Time Car Buyers (in 2023)

Tips First Time Buyers

Few purchases are quite as exciting as your first car. Most of us dreamed of that magical day when we would turn 16 and could legally get out on the road. Whether you are shopping for your first car as a teen or not until later, being a first-time car buyer is both exhilarating and…

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Find the Best Car Rental Price

Find The Best Car Rental Price

A rental car can be a big chunk of vacation expenses. If you add in all the state & local taxes, airport fees, facility use fees, underage fees, insurance, additional driver fee, refueling fees… it could get very expensive, very easily. But if you spend a little time you can save a lot of money…

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Negotiating Car Dealer Add-On’s & Accessories

Dealer Add Ons

So you've learned how to negotiate a new car and think that guarantees you a good deal.  Well think again!  Did you know a majority of a car dealer's profit comes from fees and add-ons in the Finance Office? Dealerships want you to think the hard part is over and that it's time to let your guard…

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How does a vehicle history report work?

Car dealers will always run a vehicle history report on your trade-in before they buy it from you, so why wouldn’t you do the same when buying used from them or a private party? Before you try to get a deal on a used car, it’s essential that you get both a vehicle history report…

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Where’s the best place to compare cars?

Edmunds review

Where should you research and compare cars when you are getting ready to buy?  Edmunds is one of my favorite websites because they have so many different tools for car buyers.  And since I recently did a TrueCar review, today I thought I would do a review of Edmunds. But in the spirit of being…

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