Nevada 2024 EV Tax Credits Guide [+ Calculate Your Savings]

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There’s no denying that electric vehicles (EVs) are expensive, but there are federal and state incentives like rebates and tax credits to make EVs more financially appealing.

But what state EV incentive programs are in place in Nevada?

Let’s see what current incentives are available in your area and whether or not you qualify for them.

Last Updated: January 2024

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What EV Incentives Are Available in Nevada?

Nevada has no incentives available from the state for electric vehicles at this time, but there are various offers available from utilities and consumer groups. We also check and update this post regularly, so be sure to come back to see if new state-level incentives are added.

Incentives for Purchasing an EV in Nevada

The state of Nevada does not offer incentives for the purchase of a new electric vehicle, but NV Energy does give low-income customers a $2,500 rebate towards buying a new or used EV.

Other EV Incentives Offered in Nevada

Nevada offers the following incentives for electric vehicle charging, maintenance, or related benefits:

  • NV Energy Residential EV Charging Incentive- NV Energy is offering residential customers an incentive for installing a Level 2 charger at the lesser of $500 or 75% of installed costs. Applicants have to opt-in to sharing charging data with NV Energy to qualify for the full $500 cap. Those who decline will reduce their incentive cap to $250.
  • NV Energy Electric Vehicle Rate- NV Energy offers discounted electricity rates to residential customers in the northern and southern service territories who charge PEVs during off-peak hours.
  • Nevada Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Parking Fee Exemption- All local authorities with public metered parking areas within their jurisdiction must establish a program for AFVs to park in these areas without paying a fee.
  • Nevada Electric Highway- Nevada's Strategic Planning Framework established the goal to complete an electric highway system serving the entire state, building on the initial agency plans to install publicly available EV fast-charging infrastructure along U.S. Highway 95 between Reno and Las Vegas.

Now that you know what electric vehicle incentives are available in Nevada, what else do you need to know about making the switch to all-electric transportation?

Read our guidance on how to prepare for an EV to make sure the models you’re considering will meet your real-world driving needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there incentives for purchasing an electric vehicle in Nevada?

No, there are no state-level incentives in place when you purchase an EV in the state of Nevada. Also, check out our picks for the best deals on EVs.

Are there additional fees for purchasing an electric vehicle in Nevada?

No, there are not additional fees to pay when you purchase an EV in the state of Nevada.

Does sales tax apply when I buy an EV in Nevada?

Sales tax is applied to electric vehicle purchases in Nevada at the same rate as traditional combustion vehicles. Visit our resource page to find the vehicle sales tax in Nevada.