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Electric vehicles are the future of personal transportation and automotive content increasingly reflects that transition. Including insights from experienced EV sources adds depth and enhances the authority of your EV content.

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About Steve Birkett

Steve Birkett has been involved with electric vehicles for the better part of a decade. He started with a first-generation Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid and quickly progressed to all-electric in 2017. Since then, Steve has covered hundreds of thousands of miles in an EV across North America and the United Kingdom.

His experience covers everything from the latest models and battery technology to charging infrastructure and the state of EV sales, both new and pre-owned. Steve has contributed EV insights to a wide variety of media outlets in that time, from dedicated sites like Inside EVs and Charged to global news brands, including Bloomberg and Forbes.

As Senior EV Editor at, Steve is committed to helping car buyers make a smooth transition to electric vehicles and is well placed to contribute informed, data-driven opinions for your EV content.

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On EV Adoption:

  • "Entering 2023, the percentage of new vehicles sold in the US that were electric was approaching 6%. As we move towards 2024, monthly sales volume indicates that EVs will be close to 10% of all new vehicle sales very soon. EV penetration in the United States has consistently outpaced analyst expectations for five years, with 2018 projections from Boston Consulting Group anticipating 21% adoption by 2030. In 2023, that number has more than doubled and stands well above 50% adoption predicted by 2030, a number which surpasses federal targets."

On Reasons to Switch to an EV:

  • "Aside from emissions-related reasons, which have largely driven sales to date, there are several performance and time-related reasons to switch to an electric vehicle. EVs offer a quieter, smoother ride than those with a traditional combustion engine. Power is delivered as soon as you touch the accelerator pedal, which means a more responsive ride and quicker 0-60mph times than comparable combustion models. If the owner can charge at home or work, EVs also remove the need to drive to a dedicated fueling spot, which cuts out a weekly gas errand. Further time is saved by EVs in regular daily use, thanks to fewer routine maintenance requirements, such as oil changes and emissions tests."

On EV Charging:

  • "EV charging remains one of the core challenges to widespread EV adoption. For owners with a home or work charge station and mostly local use, charging is a non-issue as they wake up (or end the work day) with a full charge. For those who take longer journeys or live in a residence with no charging options, where they can charge and how long it takes are the most common questions asked before they can consider an electric vehicle. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates that the country requires approximately five times the number of charging stations currently installed if it is to meet the needs of an estimated 15 million EVs on US roads by 2030."

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