Volvo EV Prices Range From Affordable to Eye-Watering

As the US Market Eyes the Affordable EX30, Volvo EV Prices Hit New Highs in China with the EM90 Minivan

Although only available in China at launch, the ultra-lux EM90 minivan embodies the upper end of Volvo EV prices. With the US market eagerly awaiting the first deliveries of Volvo's much more affordable EX30 compact EV, the breadth of the Swedish automaker's global electrification goals are on display for all to see.  

- Steve Birkett, Senior EV Editor

November 13th, 2023 – Volvo has announced a new all-electric minivan, the EM90, which marks several milestones for the brand. Not only is it the Swedish automaker's first entry in the minivan segment, but it will also set new heights for Volvo EV prices, selling for more than $114,000 at launch.

The ultra-luxurious people mover includes Captain chair-style seating, noise cancellation technology, and an expansive 15.6″ infotainment screen for either movies or meetings on the road. It will only be available in the Chinese market initially, although the popularity of large people carrier vehicles in North America would make the Volvo EM90 a compelling model for premium EV buyers in the United States and Canada. The model also stands in stark contrast to the EX30, which lies at the other end of the Volvo EV price spectrum.

Volvo EX30 and Volvo EM90 EV pricing compared

The Volvo EX30 is a subcompact electric vehicle that leans into minimalism to deliver a price tag starting at just $34,950 before incentives. That makes it the least expensive model in Volvo's lineup, with a gap of more than $79,000 between the EX30 and the EM90.

Naturally, the two models serve completely different use cases and offer alternative takes on the Swedish design cues that Volvo is known for. Both vehicles demonstrate how electrification presents an opportunity for automakers to radically rethink their product offering, from internal space and exterior design to pricing and performance.

Volvo's current EV portfolio is limited, with only the XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge available as fully electric vehicles. The brand's ambitious electrification targets include making 50% of global sales electric vehicles (EVs) by 2025, with the remaining 50% comprising models with hybrid drivetrains.

Taken together, the EX30 and EM90 models represent the breadth and ambition of the brand's electrification plans, as well as the outer edges of Volvo EV prices.

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