Email #2 – Can you beat this price?

Car Negotiation Email Samples

Use this email to negotiate with each dealer. The key is to ask each dealer to beat your best offer. As you get new, better offers, ask dealers to beat the new price. Through this method your price will continue to drop as you send more emails.

Dear ,

Thank you for providing me with a quote of for a new . As I've mentioned, I'm planning to purchase a new car within the next week. However, I have received a better offer from another dealership. I was quoted for a comparably equipped car with an MSRP of . This price includes the destination fee and all other dealer fees except for tax, tag, and title.

If you are able to beat this price, I would be interested in giving you my business. Could you please let me know the best total price you are able to offer?

Again, I'm interested in acting quickly, so please provide as much information as possible on your available cars including the VIN#(s) so that I may make an informed decision.



Copy the email template and paste it into your reply to the dealer's email. Send to the dealer, but be sure to proof-read first.

Track all your emails and car dealer responses in our car price comparison worksheet.