What is Find the Best Car Price and Why is it Free?

How to email car dealers for the best price

Email Samples to Negotiate
with Car Dealers

Email car dealers to negotiate the best car priceNegotiating with car dealerships over email is easy. They all have dedicated Internet departments with salespeople staffed to negotiate and over email and the phone. This means you don’t have to sit in a sales office to haggle car prices.  The only reason to visit a dealership is to test drive and pick out a car…so save the negotiation for the comfort of your home.
Before you can send emails, you need email addresses for several dealerships
I make this part easy, just choose a make and model above and click the Get Prices button. 
Get prices for more than one vehicleSeveral dealers will email you with their contact information.

Then reply to each dealer with the email below to let them know you are looking to buy a car.
What Should You Include When Emailing a Dealer?

Email Negotiation Template #1 – Set Car Dealer Expectations
Email Negotiation Template 1 - Set Car Dealer ExpectationsAfter getting car prices, you will have contact information for multiple dealers.  However, you may not have actual prices for the car you want to buy.  You’ll want to let car dealers know that you are purchasing a car very soon and you want them to provide you with a clear car price quote.

In order to get car price details and set car dealer expectations, fill in the fields below and copy/paste the output into an email to send to dealers.

Dealer/Salesman’s Name:
Year: ex. 2022
Make: ex. Nissan
Model/Trim: ex. Maxima 3.5 SV
Preferred Color1: ex. black
Preferred Color2: ex. metallic gray
Your Name:

You can track all your emails and car dealer responses in this free car price comparison worksheet.

Give all the dealers a day to respond and then use this second email template to negotiate the best possible deal.
Frequently Asked Questions

How much can you negotiate on a new car?

When you get prices from more than one dealer, you can often negotiate several thousand dollars below MSRP for many car brands.  In some cases, you can even get a car below dealer invoice cost.

Who should I email at a car dealership?

Car dealerships have dedicated Internet departments that provide special pricing.  When you get car prices online, your request is automatically routed to this department and an Internet sales manager will email you.  Get car prices here and dealers will email you.

Why do car dealers have Internet prices?

The Internet department at a car dealership has the flexibility to offer special prices that you may not get by walking into the showroom.  This is because they know that online they must provide a better price than other local dealers.  Get car prices here and dealers will email you.

What is the best way to negotiate a new car?

The best way to get a deal is to get prices from several car dealers at once.  Email each dealer and ask them to beat the best price you received.  When dealers compete, you get a lower price.

How do you negotiate a new car by email?

First, you should email car dealers asking for a clear car price on a specific make, model, and trim.  Then, follow-up with a second email asking them to beat the lowest price you’ve received so far from their competitors.  When you get a new, better price, ask dealers to beat that. Your price will continue to drop as you send more emails.  Learn all the steps to negotiate a new car over email.

How do I find car dealer email addresses?

The easiest way to find the right person at a dealership who can provide you with Internet pricing is to request prices online.  Someone from the Internet department will then email you and you can begin negotiations.  Get car prices here and dealers will email you.

Is it better to negotiate over email, phone, or fax?

First off, no one uses fax anymore.  Start by sending emails to car dealers. Emails will stick to a set negotiating script and will avoid verbal sales tactics from a salesman.   However, sometimes a phone call is necessary to escalate if you have any difficulty getting an email response.  Whatever you do, do not negotiate at the dealership.

Can I get a car delivered to my house?

Since the Coronavirus started, many dealers are now offering home delivery.  Some states require you to physically sign paperwork, but dealers are becoming more flexible and you may be able to request to sign at your home.

Do dealers have to honor an online price?

Most dealers will honor Internet price quotes.  Unfortunately, there are some dealers that will try to lure you into the dealership with a teaser deal on a car they do not have in stock.  To avoid this, ask them to email you with the VIN# and trim level for a car they have on the lot.