My Honest Review of YAA

YAA Membership and Warranty Review

YAA was created as a resource to help buyers “speak the language” of a car dealer and get the best possible price for their new car.

Since then, they have expanded to offer extended warranties, but they do still offer the same fantastic guidance to car buyers.

Here’s my honest opinion on both YAA’s memberships and their new extended warranty options.

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Disclosure: I sometimes receive compensation from referrals to companies I mention, but that does not impact my opinions and helps keep this website going. And I only recommend providers that will genuinely benefit my readers.

What Is YAA (Your Advocate Alliance)?

What Is YAAYAA, Your Advocate Alliance, offers typical car website features, like vehicle listings, and other not-so-common services, like one-to-one coaching and car deal reviews. They provide users with information, insights, and expertise to help you get a better car deal, fair vehicle repairs, and generally speaking “peace of mind” when it comes to your car.

The YAA membership and extended car warranty provide plenty of benefits while you own your car too. YAA Coaches are there to help you with your vehicle repairs, maintenance, and claims filing. The YAA Extended Warranty is fairly priced and you can receive a quote and purchase entirely online with no spam phone calls or sales reps.

Overall, we really like YAA’s “consumer-first” approach and think it’s been missing in the automotive industry for a long time.

Is YAA Legit?

Yes, YAA is a legitimate company based in Bethesda, Maryland. They have a support staff of auto industry experts that help car buyers with vehicle purchasing and maintenance. YAA uses AUL to underwrite their auto warranties. AUL has an A+ rating from the BBB and is backed by an “A” rated carrier.

The company was started by founder Zack Shefska and his father, Ray Shefska. Ray had over four decades of experience in the car industry. He worked in several different roles throughout his time, and he saw the need for more car buying resources. That is why he and his son originally founded YAA.

YAA Extended Warranty

Comphrensive Coverage Options

How Does YAA Work?

YAA does not take commissions from dealerships, repair shops, or car manufacturers. They offer car buyers/owners memberships and auto products, including warranties.

How Does YAA WorkYAA has three main products, for both new and used cars:

To get a quote for the YAA Extended Warranty you simply need to enter your vehicle information here: YAA Extended Warranty Quotes.

We’ve requested quotes from YAA before, and unlike some other warranty providers, we never received a spam call. You can even purchase the extended warranty online if you’d like, with no human interaction. On the other hand, if you’d prefer to have someone answer your questions you can call them directly or schedule a 1:1 appointment for free.

AUL Corporation administers the YAA extended warranties. YAA assessed many different providers before choosing AUL.

YAA Premium Membership - Overview

YAA Premium MembershipYAA offers two memberships, each with its own set of services.

The premium membership is more inclusive, offering a slew of personalized services that are designed to make sure that you get the best price on your trade-in as well as the best deal on the car you do decide to buy.

Buying guides, direct chatting with one of their experts, price reports, and scripts are all some of the tools available to premium members at YAA.

Here’s a closer look at some of the features offered to premium members.

Expert Advice

One of the biggest selling points for me is the expert advice offered.

Premium members have direct access to YAA’s vetted auto experts via chat, phone, or email.

Their finance and auto dealership experts will walk you through every step of the vehicle search, negotiation, and purchase process.

Research & Negotiation Tools

There are also tools that you can use on your own and access at any time, adding to your purchase experience.

These include an unlimited Market Price Report so you know exactly what to pay based on detailed pricing and local analysis.

They also provide premium members with pre-written emails to dealerships to start your outreach on the right foot from the beginning.


Resources and guidance don’t stop after you purchase the car. YAA will do online searching for vetted and certified repair shops for you, including a $25 rebate on $500 repairs.


Community matters at YAA, which is why they offer their premium members unlocked channels for deal and lease reviews.


Some of the helpful resources that YAA offers to premium members include:

  • 4-Step Buying Guide which offers a quick overview of the basics of how to buy a car.
  • YAA Deal School, a deep-dive course to prepare you for the dealership.
  • Weekly Newsletter including buying tips, auto trends, and market conditions, sent right to your inbox.

YAA Basic Membership - Overview

YAA Basic MembershipAnother feature that YAA offers is a basic membership.

Though the resources in this membership are more limited, I find that many of them are still useful if you’re in the market for a new car.

The YAA basic membership includes:

  • Support-  in the form of the YAA Online Community offers an “ask me anything” feature with YAA Auto Experts as well as insight from car enthusiasts and other car buyers in your situation.
  • Research & Negotiation Tools- including a Market Price Report (up to 3) so that you can know exactly what to pay based on detailed pricing and local analysis.
  • Resources- including the 4-Step Buying Guide for a quick overview of the basics of how to buy a car, YAA Deal School which is a deep-dive course to prepare you for your trip to the dealership, and a weekly newsletter email containing buying tips, auto trends, and market conditions.

YAA Membership Costs

YAA Membership CostsHow much do you need to pay for access to these resources?

The basic YAA membership is free, allowing those of us with a tight budget some resources when it comes to car buying.

The YAA+ membership, which includes everything in the YAA Car Buying Program, up to 25% off on maintenance and repairs, and members-only pricing for insurance and warranties, is $120 per year.

The YAA Car Buying Program, which includes 1:1 coaching, help locating the best dealers, and advice on trade-ins and financing, is $59.99 for 3 months.

YAA Extended Warranty Review – The Good & Bad

YAA has several pros and cons to consider.

YAA Pros

  • Repairs are covered by ASE or AAA certified mechanics.
  • 60-day cancellation period and pro-rated cancelations any time after.
  • Warranty is transferable to the new owner.
  • Seemingly much lower prices by cutting out the “insurance broker” middle man.
  • Roadside assistance included
  • Assistance to car-buying coaches and resources

YAA Cons

  • Requires a pre-purchase inspection if your vehicle is out of the factory warranty.
  • Currently not available in Massachusetts

YAA Extended Warranty & Membership: Is It Worth It?

YAA Warranty Is It Worth ItFor their Car Search, it’s a resounding yes (I mean it is free).

For their Membership it depends. If you want or need help as you navigate a vehicle purchase, or want peace of mind once you own your car, then yes, the $120/year is a steal. I mean, most people spend more than that per year on streaming services, so shelling out even less cash to save money and avoid headaches with your car is a no-brainer.

If you’re in the market for an Extended Warranty we recommend at least getting a quote from YAA to price shop it against the other options in the market.

YAA Extended Warranty

Comphrensive Coverage Options

YAA Extended Warranty Costs & Pricing

YAA provides you with a customizable quote for your warranty based on your vehicle’s type, age, and mileage. Generally, newer vehicles have less expensive warranties.

YAA Warranty Costs

They do mention that while dealerships drastically mark up the cost of the warranty (by thousands of dollars), YAA only applies a small markup that is still below industry rates. YAA is committed to being transparent about their pricing and how they make money, reinforcing the "consumer-first" approach.

You must pay a $100 deductible per repair order. Even if there are multiple repairs in one RO, you pay a $100 deductible.

According to YAA, they save car owners more than $1,500 on average. It's worth noting that Florida customers will have to pay an additional $35 fee.

YAA Promotion Codes & Discounts

So are you ready to try out YAA's extended warranty or premium membership? Use our exclusive coupon codes for extra savings, valid until October 31st, 2022.

  • YAA Extended Warranty Code (Enter at Checkout): Get $100 Off using code SAVE100
  • YAA+ Membership Code (Enter at Checkout): Get 20% Off using code SAVE20

Where Do I Enter the YAA Promotion Code?

YAA Warranty Promotion Code

For extended warranty savings, request a quote from YAA, you can start with either your car's year, make, and model, or with a VIN.

You can then pick the term length, the total mileage of coverage, and the deductible amount. You'll see the quoted amount on the right-hand side.

Once you click "Purchase Online", go through the 4-step process to get to the payment/checkout screen. You'll need to enter more details about your car model, along with contact info.

On the checkout screen, there is a blank field below the "Subtotal" amount. Enter code "SAVE100" and see the $100 in savings!

For YAA+, enter "SAVE20" to get 20% off for the year, or use the same coupon to get 20% off for 3 months of YAA's Car Buying Program.

YAA+ Membership Code

Which YAA Plan Should I Get?

What Is the Best YAA Extended Warranty for New Cars?

The Supreme Plus plan is ideal for newer cars because it offers the most comprehensive coverage. For coverage that is most similar to the factory warranty, choose the Supreme Plus plan.

What Is the Best YAA Extended Warranty for Used Cars?

The best warranty option for your used vehicle will depend on the age and condition of the car. Newer used cars may be best suited for Premier, or even Supreme converge.

For very old vehicles with many miles, powertrain coverage is the best option. It offers an affordable way to protect the most vital components of your vehicle.

What Does YAA Extended Warranty Cover?

YAA extended warranty coverage varies depending on which plan you choose. Most vehicles are candidates for bumper-to-bumper, exclusionary coverage. Examples of some of the components covered include:

  • YAA What Does It CoverCommon Electrical Components
  • Transfer Case & Transmission
  • Turbocharger / Supercharger
  • Engine
  • Drive Axle
  • EV / Hybrid Battery
  • Brakes
  • Cooling Systems
  • AC
  • Seals & Gasket
  • Steering

What Does YAA Extended Warranty Not Cover?

There are a few things your YAA won’t cover, and they all match industry standards. Some things they do not cover include:

  • YAA What Does It Not CoverRoutine Maintenance (Oil Changes or Spark Plugs)
  • Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Collision Damage
  • Normal Wear and Tear
  • Interior Issues
  • Tires & Wheels

YAA Warranty Coverage Plans

YAA offers four different coverage plans. While they do not share the details on their website, you can find a breakdown of each plan on their sample contract:

YAA Warranty Coverage OptionsSupreme Plus

This is the highest level of coverage. As such, it most closely matches the manufacturer’s warranty. It offers exclusionary coverage, which means bumper-to-bumper coverage minus what’s listed in their sample contract.


Supreme coverage covers all of the components from powertrain and premier plus:

  • The Brake Group
  • Rear & Front Suspension
  • Cooling


Premier coverage includes the same as Powertrain as well as:

  • Power Steering
  • Electrical Components
  • Enhanced Electrical
  • Air Conditioning


The powertrain warranty is the base level. It covers the engine, transmission, and transaxle. It has less coverage than the other options, but it is there to help safeguard you from some of the most expensive repairs.

YAA Extended Warranty Additional Benefits

YAA Additional BenefitsYAA extended warranties include some additional benefits such as:

  • Access to car experts for any questions you have.
  • Free trade-in value checker.
  • Assistance with car buying.
  • 24/7 towing for up to 150 miles.
  • On-call roadside assistance for battery jumps, spare tires, and key lockouts.

How to File a Claim with YAA

Filing a claim with YAA Is simple. Here’s the process:

  1. YAA How to FIle ClaimTake the vehicle to an AAA or ASE-certified repair shop.
  2. Show the shop your warranty policy.
  3. The repair shop will diagnose the issue and provide you and AUL with the information.
  4. If the repair is covered by your plan, then you pay just your deductible.
  5. AUL will directly pay the repair facility for covered repairs (minus your deductible).

YAA Customer Reviews & Complaints

Overall, there aren't too many consumer reviews on YAA yet, especially for the extended warranties. On Yelp, they have 5 stars, but only for 16 reviews.YAA Customer Reviews

Most of the reviews talk about the car-buying experience, but they do speak positively about the extended warranty.

Furthermore, they share several "Success Stores" on their website.

They have a strong social media presence, where many members discuss their solutions on their YouTube Channel.

Alternatives to YAA Extended Warranty

YAA offers affordable extended warranties, but it’s always best to evaluate all of your options first. There are several extended warranty providers out there. Here are some of the top alternatives to YAA:

  • Manufacturer Warranties. If you have a new vehicle that is still under its factory warranty, then you should consider the manufacturer extended warranty. These may be more expensive, but they can also be worth it for the coverage depending on your situation. Learn more about manufacturer warranties for Ford, Toyota, and Honda.
  • Endurance. Endurance has a very strong customer reputation. Their high-quality customer service is often noted, which is very important for the industry. Learn more about Endurance in our full review.
  • CARCHEX. CARCHEX has over 20 years of experience in the industry, and is one of the most well-known providers. Overall, they have strong ratings and reviews. Read all about CARCHEX in our review.
  • CarShield. CarShield offers six different plans with month-to-month contracts. They’ve provided coverage for over 1 million vehicles, and are an option worth considering. Learn more about CarShield in our full review.

YAA Extended Warranty

Comphrensive Coverage Options

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel the YAA Extended Warranty?

Yes, you can cancel your YAA warranty plan at any time. You will receive a full refund (minus a $50 admin fee) if you cancel within 60 days of purchase and have not made any claims. Otherwise, you receive a prorated refund.

What is the deductible for the YAA Extended Warranty?

The standard deductible is $100 per RO for a YAA VSC. However, you can select options with $50 or $250 deductibles.

Why are YAA Extended Warranty prices lower?

YAA does not rely on insurance brokers for their warranties. They also take a standard markup of $500, which is much less than the dealership markups. This is why they can offer the same type of warranty for generally less money.

Where can I get repairs under the YAA Extended Warranty?

Under your YAA extended warranty, you can bring your vehicle to any AAA or ASE Certified mechanic.

Is YAA better than Endurance for car extended warranties?

Endurance is another option for extended warranties. Both YAA and Endurance have advantages. The most important thing is to consider your personal needs. Obtain a quote from both and compare the coverage and benefits for your case.

Does YAA extended warranty cover routine maintenance?

No, the YAA extended warranty does not include routine maintenance. This is common for extended warranties.

Is there a free version of the YAA membership?

Yes, there is a free version of the YAA membership called the basic membership that offers stripped-down services.

Is the YAA premium membership worth it?

If you want the best possible chance at getting the best possible price on your next car, the premium membership is worth it.