Can You Wrap Rims?

Can You Wrap Car Rims

You see many cars with fancy rims, and you ever wonder if those rims got painted? Well, rims can be painted (or coated, to be more precise), but most of those fancy ones you see on the roads are not painted; instead, they are wrapped.

But can you wrap rims? Yeah, sure you can. Again, most of those flashy cars you see with shiny/customized rims are actually wrapped.

Car enthusiasts use vinyl materials to wrap their vehicles’ tire rims with fancy designs and colors. Wrapped rims are not illegal, and some people use them for advert purposes for their brands or whatever else - complementing the vinyl wrap on part or the entire body of the car.

Wrapping tire rims can be DIYed, or you may want a professional to handle the job for you.

What Are Rim Wraps?

They are similar to the wraps used on automobiles’ bodies - made with a vinyl material. Vinyl wraps are popular because they are easy to put on and can be customized in many ways. Rim wraps beautify car rims - to make them appear more colorful and blissful instead of standard mono colors.

A vinyl rim wrap can last more than three years from the application date if properly taken care of. There are different types of rim wraps and different materials used too, but vinyl rim wraps are the commonest. These wraps also help protect against dust and dust to maintain the rim’s coating.

When you wrap your car’s rims, the actual rim coating will remain as it was when you bought it new, so when you want to resell the car, all the rims will still look as new as ever. Notwithstanding, there are different reasons why people wrap their car rims, but it is mainly for fanciness and to protect the rim’s color/coating.

Rim wraps can be applied to any type of car wheels, regardless of the size, type, and vehicle model. However, not everyone would broadly embrace rim wraps because you need to wash them steadily to keep them clean always, especially if you frequently drive through dirty/dusty paths.

Can You Wrap Rims?

Sure you can. You can choose to wrap your car wheels with any colorful wrap material of your choice. You can do this by yourself or involve a professional to do it. Using rim wraps is legal in virtually all states.

Wrapping the rims is a way of customizing car wheels; it actually doesn’t cost much to have this done for you. On average, you’d be spending $150 - $300, or even less, to have the service done for you. The entire process may take up to four hours if you’re wrapping the four rims of your vehicle.

But when putting on wraps, it is important to note that they fade out too soon, depending on your driving style. So, you may have to replace the wraps more frequently than you expected.

Yes, rim wraps can last for years, but that depends on the routes you drive daily and how often you drive, too.

How To Wrap Car Wheels

As mentioned earlier, you can singlehandedly wrap your car rims with a fancy vinyl wrap or any other material. The process starts with washing the rims thoroughly and removing any grim/grease on the surface. Hereunder are the detailed steps to wrapping your car wheels using a vinyl wrap.

  • Clean the rims with clean water and degreaser or alcohol; no single dirt or debris must be on the rim’s surface.
  • Remove the protective cover on the vinyl wrap and carefully place it on the rims. (Note: the rims must have been removed from the car).
  • It’d be best to use a heat gun to make the vinyl wrap blend very well. (Note: remember to use the heat gun from a distance, don’t get it too close to avoid warping the vinyl wrap).
  • Use a razor blade to carve out the shape of your car rims - do it carefully so you don’t mess up the wrapping.
  • Allow the wrap to sit there for a while before reinstalling the tires and putting back the customized wheels into the car.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to wrap car rims?

Roughly $100 to $300, depending on the type of rim wraps you’ve got and who will do the installation. Apparently, if you’d DIY the installation, you’re only spending for the wraps’ purchase, which is ideally below two hundred bucks in most stores.

How long does it take to wrap car rims?

It may take a professional 2 to 4 hours to completely wrap the rims of a vehicle. But if you’re doing it yourself, it could take you up to 6 hours or more. After wrapping your car rims, it is advisable to let it cure for up to thirty minutes or one hour before reinstallation.

Can you wash vinyl wraps?

Yeah, sure, you can wash them with your regular car wash - just don’t use a hard brush or sponge to wash them. Vinyl wraps are to be washed frequently to remove the dirt from your frequent driving.