What Is Level 2 EV Charging?

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Level 2 charging, typically using 220-240 volts, is the most commonly used form of electric vehicle (EV) charging, both at home and in public. It uses higher-powered AC electrical outlets that you’ll find at home for dryers and other high-power appliances.

This form of EV charging delivers approximately 20 to 30 miles of range per hour, depending on the EV being charged and how much battery capacity it has. For that reason, it is a significant upgrade on level 1 charging through a portable charge cord.

Level 2 Charging Answer

Level 2 charging often requires additional installation or equipment, beyond the standard charging cable that often comes with the vehicle. Level 2 charging is recommended for regular daily charging needs, as it can fully charge a battery overnight in most cases, giving the EV owner full range for the next day of driving.