What Is Level 1 EV Charging?

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Level 1 charging, typically using 110-120 volts, is the slowest and most readily available form of electric vehicle (EV) charging. It uses the standard AC electrical outlet that you’ll find at home to charge an EV, typically via an inexpensive portable charge cord that often comes with the vehicle.

This basic form of EV charging delivers approximately 2 to 5 miles of range per hour, depending on the EV being charged and how much battery capacity it has. For that reason, it works best for new EV buyers as they wait for a more powerful (level 2) charging option to be installed. Level 1 charging can also work for drivers with a low daily mileage requirement, such as those who work close to home or retirees in areas where the amenities they need are close by

Level 1 Charging Answer

Level 1 charging is the most widely available type of EV charging and requires no additional installation or equipment other than the EV's standard charging cable, which is usually provided with the vehicle.

However, due to the slow charging speed, it is not recommended for regular daily charging needs, especially for EV owners with long commutes or high mileage driving.