What Is the Average Range of an Electric Car?

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The average range for an EV in the United States was 291 miles in 2022, according to data from BloombergNEF and the International Energy Agency (IEA).

As you would expect, the spectrum of EV range is wide when it comes to the latest electric vehicles. Some older models continue to offer smaller batteries to remain affordable, which equates to less range, while pricier new options like the Lucid Air have set new records for the distance its owners can travel on a single charge.

EV Range Answer

On the low end of the range, options like the Mini Cooper SE offer only 114 miles of EPA range from a 32.6 kWh battery pack. The most affordable Nissan LEAF only slightly beats the MINI, with 149 miles of EPA range from a larger 40 kWh battery pack.

At the top end of the range spectrum, the Lucid Air Dream Edition sets the latest record with 520 miles of EPA range from a 118 kWh battery pack.