More Trade-In Tips

How to Trade in a Car

  • Clean it! Make sure your car sparkles both inside and out. Remove any clutter or personal items, vacuum the interior, and try to air out any odors. Just like selling a home, spend a few minutes on the presentation if you want to attract a buyer.
  • Maintenance Records Consider bringing any documentation you have on regular maintenance, oil changes, or new purchases like tires, brakes, etc. that may help you establish a higher value for your car and mention these to the appraiser. But stay clear of bringing attention to any problems or issues they might have overlooked.
  • Consider Market Conditions Consider the area of the country and time of year. Four wheel drive can be a hot commodity in the North, hybrid vehicles do better on the West Coast, and convertibles do better in warmer climates. Are gas prices up? If so SUV prices could be down.
  • Be Realistic Just remember to be realistic with your expectations. Keep in mind that the price a dealer is willing to pay is related to how much they can get for the car. You will probably get more value selling a Jeep at a Jeep dealership because they can resell it on the lot. When dealers have to resell your car at an auction or wholesale, they usually cannot get as much for the car and therefore cannot pay you as much.