$4,000 in savings is pretty sweet for a few hours of effort

If anyone knows about bargain hunting, it’s the Financial Engineer over at Engineer Your Finances.  Over the holidays, F.E. was in the market for a new car and decided to try out my free guide on how to buy a car.

After his purchase, he was kind enough to circle back and share his thoughts with us.   

“Find the Best Car Price” lives up to its website’s name.  We didn’t just beat MSRP or Factory Invoice, but got our new car under Dealer Cost!  Within a few short emails, we shaved $4,000 off our purchase. 

Initially skeptical about this email process, I was amazed with how easy it was to negotiate down the costs.  We were anticipating much more dealer resistance – no one should subject themselves to the unnecessary pressure tactics again!

Engineer Your Finances testimonialOne of my own website’s pillars is knowledge.  Much of financial success & security is about learning what’s out there and educating yourself as much as possible.  With all the information available on the web, dealers can’t hide their profits anymore.  Protect your own profits and save thousands using this negotiation technique.

Three farmers are selling the exact same apples for $2.00, 2.50, & $4.00 per pound. Which farmer are you going to buy from?  Don’t let dealers take you for a ride and get the price you deserve using “Email Price Reduction”.

How do I know we got a great deal?  After our purchase we looked at the “used” counterparts and couldn’t find anything cheaper that didn’t have 30,000+ miles already on it.

Thanks for the feedback F.E.!  It’s always fun to hear how people saved big just by sending a few emails.

If anyone else wants to share a success story, please send it my way.