Oil Leak Repair Cost: Parts Costs and Common Failure Causes

Oil Leak Repair Cost

There could be different places to point to when you notice that oil leaks from your car. It could be the head gasket, channel lines, loose nuts, or many other possible causes.

Fixing oil leaks isn’t that expensive, and if there’s nothing to be replaced actually, you can do the fixing yourself. But what does oil leak repair cost?

Depending on what caused the oil leak, you could spend up to $500 to fix it. Of course, you may spend less or higher, depending on the severity of the cause. 

Oil leaks should be taken seriously because an engine relies on the sufficiency of oil to run smoothly. In this article, we will discuss, in detail, what it costs to fix an oil leak and what causes your car to leak oil in the first place.

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What Causes Oil Leaks?

Basically, there are many causes of oil leaks, from loose bolts and nuts to cracked engine blocks or head gaskets. When you notice that oil leaks from underneath your car’s engine bay, you should inspect the below-mentioned components.

1. Cracked Head Gasket

The head gasket helps oil flow into the engine and other crucial components. It is built sturdy to last for as long as possible, but you may start noticing head gasket failure signs after 80,000 miles, and one of the signs is an oil leak.

2. Degraded Oil Filter

A clogged or damaged oil filter can cause oil leaks. A degraded oil filter will easily loosen oil due to pressure from the engine; when that happens, the oil will leak away from the sides. More so, if the oil filter is so tightly installed, it can also affect the gasket and cause oil leaks.

3. Excessive Oil

When doing an oil change, one of the things to watch out for is to avoid overfilling the oil reservoir. Every engine has a limit to the amount of oil it can take in, so if you pour in excess oil, the excess will flow/leak away.

4. Broken Oil Filter Cap

If the oil filter cap has a crack, apparently, the oil will leak away from the cracked spot. You know the problem is a cracked oil filter cap when you frequently see puddles forming near beneath the engine. You can simply remove the broken cap and replace it with a new one to fix this.

5. Seals Failure

Crankshaft seal failure can also cause oil leaks. The crankshaft seals are there to prevent oil from leaking away, so when they’re cracked or broken, the oil will find its way to flow away.

When you spot oil leaks dropping from around the belt regions, the front seal is probably the culprit, but if the leak is dripping from between the engine and transmission, the rear seal is probably the culprit.

What Does an Oil Leak Repair Cost?

As hinted earlier, there are factors to determine the possible amount you will spend to fix an oil leak. These factors vary based on the cause of the leak.

For example, if a damaged head gasket causes the leak, you will be spending up to $1,500 or more, but if it’s due to an oil filter-related issue, it could be fixed for as low as $300.

An oil leak repair costs from $200 to $2,000 on average. The higher repair cost comes into play if there’s a need to replace a broken metallic component. In comparison, the repair cost stays low when you just need to re-tighten a bolt or change a minor part like the oil filter.

Also, the workshop you’ll get it done at may be charging higher or lower fees; you should check in at multiple places and choose the one to go with.

How Long Will It Take To Fix an Oil Leak?

The time it takes to fix an oil leak depends on what caused the leak. If it’s just the oil filter cap or the filter itself, it won’t take up to 30 minutes to round off everything, and the car will run smoothly again.

But, if the issue is due to a mechanical component failure, definitely, it’d take more time – since the mechanical component needs to be disassembled and reassembled. Fixing an oil leak will last an average of 30 minutes to 2 hours, based on many factors.

Factors that Affect Oil Leak Repair Cost

  • Location of the leak
  • Type of engine
  • The extent of damage that resulted in the oil leak
  • What needs to be changed, serviced, or fastened
  • Labor costs of the workshop where you’re getting the service done

Is Oil Leak a Serious Issue?

As minor as the leak may appear, it should be taken seriously. Oil is the lifeline of an engine; if it shorts inside the engine, overheating will occur, and that would cause much more damage.

When you see oil leaking from under the engine bay, track the cause and get it fixed as soon as possible. The dangers associated with oil leaks are more expensive to tackle. Here are some severe problems that can result from oil leaks.

  • Engine overheating
  • Total engine breakdown due to lack of sufficient lubrication
  • Intermittent misfiring
  • Head gasket failure
  • Click noises when driving due to high friction between engine components

What More?

Oil leak repair cost is affected by a wide range of factors, which have been detailed in this blog post. The estimated average cost ranges from $200 for minor repairs to $2,000 for major repairs.

You could DIY a fix minor oil leak, but the major ones require professionalism.