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Car Buyer Testimonials

"Find the Best Car Price lives up to its website's name. We didn't just beat MSRP or Factory Invoice, but got our new car under Dealer Cost! Within a few short emails, we shaved $4,000 off our purchase.

Initially skeptical about this email process, I was amazed with how easy it was to negotiate down the costs. We were anticipating much more dealer resistance - no one should subject themselves to the unnecessary pressure tactics again!"

"I thought I knew how to buy a car, but I've obviously been paying too much. I never considered that I could drive an hour or two to pick up the exact same car but at a much cheaper price. I got a price in writing before I left home and managed to save a couple thousand dollars."
- Mary, Jacksonville FL
"I heard you could find great deals on cars on the Internet, but I didn't feel comfortable buying a car online. Then realized I didn't have to! I just did my research and lined up a great deal before I went to the dealership. It was safe and painless!"
- Jeff, Philadelphia PA
"I love the site! It is such a useful tool. The site levels the playing field to make future transactions honest and true!"
- Rob, Chicago IL
"The techniques presented on this site really work! We had dealers vying for our business, trying to out-do each other. We found the techniques especially helpful for buying a new car. As a result, we saved more than $3,000 off the price one dealer wanted for a similar used car."
- Miranda, Salt Lake City UT
"I just wanted to thank you for your useful information. I'm not a good negotiator, and I think I've always been taken advantage of during my car purchases in the past, but I just saved about $1800 using your "EPR Approach", and that was off of a fairly popular car (Toyota Rav4).

Most of the dealers didn't include their dealer fees, destination charges, etc. on the first go-round, but thanks to your guide I knew to ask them to update their quotes. My lowest quote was from a dealership that was about 60 miles away, so I brought his quote to the local salesman who gave me the test drive (as he was very nice and not pushy). I asked him to beat it; he matched it and gave me 3 years of free maintenance.

All in all, it was the easiest car-buying experience I've ever had."

- Susan, Cheshire CT
"Just wanted to pass along my thanks for the advice provided on I came across the website while looking for a review of, and was very glad to have the benefit of the negotiation strategies described on the website. I can't say the internet negotiation approach took all of the gamesmanship out of buying a car, but dealing with misleading (in some cases deceitful!) salespeople by e-mail instead of in person made the experience more enjoyable than I've had previously (and I got a better deal!).

Again, my sincere thanks for the excellent website."

- Bret, Boston MA