Are Jeeps Expensive to Maintain?

Are Jeeps Expensive to Maintain

Since its creation during World War II, the Jeep has become an American classic. These rugged vehicles are known for their no-nonsense nature, but what are the costs of maintaining them? Are Jeeps expensive to maintain?

Despite their robust construction and off-road capabilities, the maintenance costs for a Jeep are relatively inexpensive compared to the national average.

Let’s take a look at everything involved in maintaining a Jeep.

Are Jeeps Reliable?

According to the Reliability Index, Jeeps ranks 29th out of 40 car brands. Obviously, this is not a great look for any vehicle.

For the first few years, most Jeep owners have a relatively smooth ride. But, the quality of the vehicle might decrease as the years go by.

One of the most common problems people experience is the death wobble, which occurs when the front axle suddenly loses its position.

One survey revealed that over 40% of people who own older models of Jeeps experienced at least one problem within a year, making the brand one of the most unreliable car models.

Are Jeeps Expensive to Maintain?

Although Jeep maintenance isn't the most economical, it still falls in line with the pricing of other makes and models.

With RepairPal estimating that keeping your vehicle up to par will cost an average of $634 per year, owning a Jeep is still within reach for many.

Meaning, even though it may not be the least expensive choice, for most people it won't break the bank either.

Do Jeeps Break Down Often?

It is essential to bear in mind that diligent maintenance is required to keep your Jeep running optimally.

These tough vehicles are designed for longevity, and with the proper attention can easily surpass 200,000 miles.

Unfortunately, negligence can result in costly breakdowns.

Therefore, proper upkeep of your vehicle is key to avoiding inconvenient mechanical woes down the line.

What Are the Most Reliable Jeep Models?

When selecting a Jeep, it is important to look beyond the market display and focus on the reliability of available models. Not only are quality Jeeps more likely to last longer, but they also cost less to maintain.

Three Jeep models that have proved particularly reliable are the Grand Cherokee, Wagoneer, and Wrangler.

However, bear in mind that maintenance expenses vary depending on which model you select.

Jeep Insurance Costs

Depending on the model, the annual insurance costs for a Jeep can average $1,572 which is cheaper than the national average of $1,732 per year.

Naturally, insurance costs will fluctuate from state to state and depend on other factors like safety features and crash rates.

When calculating the cost of your car insurance, the price of the parts used in the vehicle is also considered.

If the parts for the specific model and year are more expensive, your insurance might be higher than expected.

Your insurance will also take into account the various safety features that are built into your vehicle.

These include anti-lock brakes, anti-theft devices, and electronic stability control. These features can help minimize the risk of getting damaged in an accident.

Jeeps Maintenance Costs

After a couple of years, most vehicles tend to deteriorate and require more repairs. The average cost of repairs for a car is around $400 yearly.

The cost of maintaining a Jeep is much higher. According to CarEdge, in the first year, the vehicle will typically cost about $340, followed by $568 in year three, $1,102 in year six, and $2,445 in year twelve.

Almost a third of all Jeeps will require significant repairs in their lifetime. The high cost of major repairs on the low end and the average for these vehicles make them incredibly expensive to maintain.

The average cost of repairs and maintenance for a new Jeep model during its first decade of service is $11,476, which is more than the average for famous brands.

It also exceeds the industry average by over $4,000. 26.16% of vehicles will require major repairs during this period, which is significantly worse than the other manufacturers in this segment.

What Are Common Jeep Maintenance Needs?

It's important to be aware of the various components involved in caring for your Jeep that require regular upkeep and maintenance.

Of these elements, fuel injectors, gear shifting troubles, exhaust system issues, and electronic malfunctions are prone to failing first. One of the most costly repairs is likely to be a transmission or engine failure.

However, most minor issues with the vehicle can be fixed relatively easily.

Pros of Buying a Jeep

One of the main reasons why people choose to buy a Jeep is due to the brand's established name.

One of the other main reasons why people buy a Jeep is the vehicle's floor and cargo space. A large amount of space inside the car can help make traveling comfortable.

The versatility of the Jeep vehicle is also one of the main reasons people choose it over other cars. It can help people explore various areas and are ideal for anyone who wants an adventure.

New Jeep buyers can take advantage of the company's 36-month maintenance plan, which provides coverage for routine maintenance and some repairs. This relatively cheap option can minimize the initial costs associated with owning a car.

Cons of Buying a Jeep

There are a variety of pros and cons to owning a Jeep. Before you make the jump into purchasing a car, make sure that you thoroughly consider the various drawbacks.

The average cost of a new Jeep is around $30,000. The most expensive models can cost over $50,000.

The poor fuel economy of Jeeps can result in higher gas prices in the long run. In cities, the vehicle gets around 17 miles per gallon. While on the highway, it gets 23.

Getting your vehicle to the shop frequently for repairs can also be very costly.

Although it's usually a good idea to have your car inspected and repaired after a couple of years, it's essential to consider the various problems that can affect your vehicle.

While Jeeps typically hold together nicely for the first couple of years after they're purchased, they can experience significant issues that can compromise your safety and wallet.