Honda Accord vs. Toyota Camry: Which Is Your Choice?

Honda Accord vs Toyota Camry

No segment packs as much vehicle for the dollar as sedans, like the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. There is no wrong choice between these two.

Our comparison here is not intended to tell you which is “the winner,” but rather give you the information you need to help narrow your search for the perfect car based on your priorities.

Our overview will cover all but the hybrid trims of these two sedan lines. The hybrids differ enough that they deserve their own full comparison.

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Honda Accord vs. Toyota Camry Comparison

Honda Accord2021 Honda AccordToyota Camry2021 Toyota Camry
Interior Space
105.6 cu. ft.
100.4 cu. ft.
Cargo Volume
16.7 cu. ft.
15.1 cu. ft.
Top Trim Horsepower
252 HP
301 HP
Value Trim MPG
33 MPG
32 MPG
Consumer Reports Reliability
(higher is better) 



J.D. Power Dependability Ranking
(lower is better)



Which Is Roomier?

Honda Accord RoomierAlthough the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord are roughly the same size, the Accord is roomier and offers more cargo space.

However, it is fair to say that the Camry is “big enough.” Try both and you will see what we mean. The Camry has grown to a size and stopped. Mainly because Toyota offers a larger sedan. The Accord needs to fill two roles since there is no larger Honda sedan.

We feel that both will comfortably accommodate five passengers, and even larger drivers will likely find both feel roomy.

Which Is More Reliable?

Toyota Camry More ReliableThe Toyota Camry is more reliable than the Honda Accord according to two sources we trust. While the Camry has earned almost exclusively 5/5 ratings over the past four model years from Consumer Reports, the Accord mostly earns just 3/5. The Accord does not have any high-cost, multi-year issues to report. Most of the issues are relatively minor.

J.D. Power & Associates ranks brands by averaging the number of problems reported over three years for a brand’s models. Here the difference between the Camry and Accord is stark. The Honda brand is near the bottom of the rankings and the Toyota brand is among the industry’s best.

Engine Options

Honda Accord EngineToyota and Honda have taken different paths to arrive at a similar place with regard to powertrains. Honda is all-in on turbocharged engines. Both of the Accord’s options are four-cylinder turbos.

Having tested all of the engines in both of these cars, we find the Accord’s to be very satisfying for everyday use, and the 2.0-turbo is the pick of the two offered in the Accord. The turbos generate more low-end torque than engines without turbos, and that torque translates to satisfying acceleration from a stop.

The Camry tops the Accord for power in both its base and up-powered engines. The base four-cylinder is more than adequate for most drivers’ needs. The 301 hp V6 is buttery smooth and has more than ample power. The V6 feels premium, and when you want to go fast it makes great sounds.

Performance is similar for both cars, but the Camry has that old-school displacement many buyers want. None of the engines offered in either of these vehicles require premium fuel. That will save you money at the pump by comparison to a premium midsize model.

Infotainment & Interior Features

Toyota Camry InfotainmentOne way that the Accord and Camry both outdo some premium vehicles in their size is infotainment. Both offer Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and in the Accord, the phone mirroring is wireless. Each also has trims that offer a head-up display. Both are features we feel are not just for convenience but add an element of safety by reducing distraction.

Those not using Android Auto and Apple CarPlay now should note that they negate the need to pay for a pricey built-in navigation system. Thus, these features can save you thousands.

Those shopping for an Accord or Camry should ask their dealer about heated seats, heated steering wheels, and wireless phone chargers. These are features that can be found in this segment, but they vary from trim to trim and also by options package.

The Drive: Special Trims

Honda Accord The DriveThe Accord and Camry are both satisfying to drive in normal duty. Each is offered in multiple trims and the trims determine the ride quality to some degree. We find the lower trims with the smaller diameter wheels and slightly larger sidewalls offer the most ride comfort. The Sport trim of the Accord and the TRD trim of the Camry provide the sportiest handling in turns.

The Camry has some pluses and minus to note. First, all-wheel drive is offered on the Camry but not the Accord. That means those specific Camry cars offer much better winter capability, particularly when paired with winter-rated tires. On the downside, we tested the Camry TRD trim for a week and the drone of its juvenile loud exhaust drove us nuts. Beware.


We won’t waste a lot of time on the safety of these two cars. Both are IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus-rated vehicles and pack an endless array of standard active and passive safety systems.

Pricing, Warranty, & Included Maintenance

2021 Toyota Camry PriceThe base Honda Accord starts at $26K, including destination fees. Its top Touring trim is priced at about $38K. The Toyota Camry starts at $26K, and its very top trim with similar content is priced at just under $40K.

Both the Accord and Camry come with 3-year/36K-mile comprehensive warranties and 5-year/60K-mile powertrain warranties. Like all Toyotas, the Camry also comes with two years of included maintenance. Honda offers no included maintenance.

The Accord and Camry are so similarly priced that we feel dealer discounts and manufacturer incentives will determine the better initial value.

Current Honda Accord & Toyota Camry Deals & Incentives

YearMakeModelCash Incentives (up to)Best Avail. APRLease OffersExpiration

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YearMakeModelCash Incentives (up to)Best Avail. APRLease OffersExpiration

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Honda Accord vs. Toyota Camry: Which Is Better?

The Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord dominate the midsize car segment because both are excellent vehicles that pack tremendous value into a very affordable price range. Neither car has any Achilles heel, or reason that should make you automatically choose the other.

We’ve tested both the Accord and Camry, and have found them to have very different approaches to midsize sedan excellence. The Camry offers all-wheel drive and a V6 engine option, something you cannot get in any Accord. Toyota also offers two years of included maintenance, and our research shows that it is the more reliable model for the past four model years. The Accord has an edge in passenger space and cargo volume.

Choosing between these two great sedans will come down to your personal list of priorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is larger, the Camry or Accord?

Both have similar exterior dimensions, but the Honda Accord has a bit more interior room and cargo space than the Toyota Camry.

Are the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry all-wheel drive?

Toyota offers all-wheel drive on certain Camry trims. Honda does not offer AWD on any Accord trim.

Which is more reliable, the Camry or Accord?

Our research using data provided by Consumer Reports and J.D. Power indicates the Camry is more reliable than the Accord. This data is primarily based on owner survey results.

Which is safer, the Honda Accord or Toyota Camry?

Both are IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus-rated vehicles, and both pack an endless array of standard active and passive safety systems.