15 Guilty pleasures you enjoy in your car

Ever get a weird look because you didn’t realize the window was down as you were belting out Lady Gaga at the stop sign?  Don’t feel bad, we’re all guilty of a few “auto indiscretions”.   I’m sure most people can admit to succumbing to a at least a few of the items in this list.

  1. Blasting tunes and singing karaoke. How can you resist singing along to Peter Cetera or Christopher Cross?  Just me?  How about a little Hall and Oates?  I know I’m not the only one that loses his voice after a long road trip.
  2. Flashing your lights at opposing traffic to warn them about a speed trap.
  3. At a two lane stop, speeding up just a little bit faster than the guy next to you.  You’re not quite racing, and maybe the other driver didn’t even notice, but sometimes you just need to prove you’re faster.
  4. Hitting the drive-through for a late night milkshake (or cheeseburger).  Late night fast food is just so bad….and yet soooo good.
  5. Doing donuts in an empty snow-covered parking lot.
  6. Driving past your own street or house. On a beautiful day or a cool summer night, you decide to take one more trip down that windy road because you just aren’t ready to be home yet.
  7. Trying to see how close you can get to an empty gas tank before filling up or getting stranded.
  8. Not coming to a complete stop at toll booths.  I’m not talking about EZPass, but instead the old fashioned kind.  It’s so tempting to throw your money at the change bucket and see if you can avoid coming to a stop before the toll light changes or the arm-gate goes up.
  9. Trying fancy trick shots at toll booths. Speaking of throwing your change at a toll booth, ever try a trick shot?  Perhaps seeing if you can get your quarters into the bucket from the passenger side window?  This was big when I was younger at the Jersey Shore.
  10. Paying for the guy behind you.  Ok, enough about toll booths…but it’s fun to occasionally surprise someone by paying their toll for them.  This works when travelling in a caravan or even for a complete stranger.
  11. Not stopping to check a map or GPS even though you are completely lost.  Instead you trust your “man-sense” to get you to your destination.
  12. Flashing your lights or honking in the passing lane to get a slow driver out of your way.
  13. Doing the arm motion at a big rig so he’ll blow his horn.  Smokey and the Bandit style!  Fun for kids of all ages.
  14. Speeding up on a back-road to hit that sudden dip in the road to make your stomach drop.  It feels like being on a roller-coaster.
  15. Slowing down to check out a member of the opposite sex.  Is it a crime to want a better look at that sexy jogger? Well maybe….depending on just how slow you go.

Got any other guilty pleasures?