Would you drive a "wrapped" rental car to save money?

get paid to drive a wrapped carYou bet your ass I would!  If I was renting a car in a strange town and I could save a couple hundred bucks by driving a moving ad,  I’d do it in a heartbeat.  Who cares what people think!  I’d even try to get paid to drive a wrapped car in my own town.

A car wrap is simply an enormous advertisement that can cover the doors, hood, roof, or trunk of a car.  The car rental fee is subsidized by the advertiser in order to have a travelling ad rolling throughout major metropolitans areas.
Between August 10th and November 8th, Budget Rental Car is offering wrapped rental cars to Atlanta drivers.   Budget is offering 15 full-size sedans and 10 intermediate SUV’s in the discount program.  The cars are covered in ads for Sheets Brand Energy Strips.

I went to the Budget website to see just how big a discount I could get.  I entered two identical reservations for Labor Day weekend picking up at Hartsfield airport on 9/1 and returning on 9/5.  For a full-size car, the estimated fee for the weekend was $433.  For a “sponsored rental”, in this case a wrapped Kia Optima, the weekend would cost $165.  That’s a savings of $268 for a 4 day rental!

I think this program is a huge win for the consumer, the advertising agency, and Budget Rental car which is getting quite a buzz.

How much would you need to save in order to drive a car wrapped in ads?  Would you only do it on vacation or in your home town too?

Photo: Wrap Media Group