What is Find the Best Car Price and Why is it Free?

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

How to Prepare for Buying an Electric Car

prepare to buy an EV

As awareness increases about the low running costs and rapidly expanding capabilities of electric vehicles (EVs), buying an electric car is becoming a reality for more and more Americans. With that decision comes the transition to a new way of powering our primary means of transportation. Although this change is not as challenging as some […]

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How To Setup Your Garage For An Electric Car

Home electric car changing station

When Ben Franklin discovered electricity, he inadvertently changed the world. By the late 19th century, people were being catapulted from the Stone Age, as arduous tasks became blindingly simple. Cities became the ‘place to be’, and their streets swelled with people working toward a better life. Electricity provided a new way to live life, and […]

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The Future of Wireless Car Charging

wireless car charger docked

Thanks to unstable gas prices, Electric Vehicles have come to the forefront of the efficient motoring scene. No longer dependant on foreign oil, EV owners are able to go about their daily commute, gas & emissions free. Charging an EV has always required a plug, tethered to a grid-wired charger. But that’s about to change… […]

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Solar Powered Cars?

Fisker solar powered car

The idea behind ‘Green Transportation’ is to move about the earth without harming it. Or at least reduce the environmental impact of a particular vehicle. Each year countless gallons of oil are pumped from the bowels of our planet. After being refined, that oil is then pumped into the tanks of our cars, and burned […]

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How to Decide Between EV’s and Hybrids

2012 Chevrolet Volt

We all know that the ‘greenest’ way to move about the planet is on foot. But since that’s not practical for most of us, a hybrid, or an EV will have to do. There are a lot of myths and speculation surrounding these two types of vehicles. So let’s look at reasons for buying each, […]

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What to Look for When Comparing EVs

charging an electric vehicle

Electric vehicles are attractive for many reasons. For starters, the absence of a petrol-fired engine means there will be no tailpipe emissions. Which is obviously good for the environment. But you should consider the source of the electricity being used to charge that EV. In many parts of the country, coal-fired power plants are still […]

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What to Look for When Comparing Hybrids

2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Hybrids are for people who like the idea of electric propulsion, but aren’t quite ready to embrace the whole plug-in lifestyle thing. Thanks to mainstreaming efforts by Toyota, modern hybrids offer fully-electric operation, up to a certain speed. Once the magic velocity rate has been achieved, a gas-burning engine comes to life, whooshing you past […]

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Which car costs less in the long run: Gas, Hybrid, or EV?

Cost of owning a hybrid car

With the purchasing power of the dollar eroding right before our eyes, it’s important to make financially responsible decisions. And since a vehicle is the second largest investment that most people will make, it makes sense to start there. But is an ultra-thrifty hybrid / EV really worth it in the long run? Let’s find […]

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How Do Hybrid Cars Work?

Buying a hybrid makes sense on a lot of levels. There’s the financial benefit of buying less fuel. There’s the reduced environmental impact. And of course, hybrids have major snob appeal. But how does all of that weigh against the increased cost of buying one? Let’s find out… What is a Hybrid? A traditional hybrid […]

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