Car Buying Tips for Women

Car buying can be a very intimidating process for anyone. But for most women it can be especially daunting. Many women feel obligated to take a boyfriend, husband, or father with them to the dealership in order to get a fair deal. And like it or not, many car salesman assume that the typical woman buyer is less informed, impulsive, and easily pressured.

According to Edmunds, women either buy or influence the purchase of 85% of all new cars and trucks sold in the United States today. And yet salesmen often assume the husband or father is the one purchasing the car. They may direct their attention completely towards the man, even patronizing the woman. And it’s not that uncommon for unscrupulous salesmen to even quote higher prices to a woman who’s by herself.

However, if you negotiate your car from the comfort of your own home using the Bidding War strategy, the intimidation factor is gone! You won’t even have to talk to a car salesman until you are ready to sign the paperwork. Without a face to face negotiation, you can simply take gender out of the equation and make a dealer give you the lowest price to beat their competitors.

Negotiating Tips for Women

  1. Be Empowered! Negotiating is simple if you follow the Bidding War steps. Anyone can do it.
  2. Educate Yourself. Research cars online and figure out what you want and can afford.
  3. Wait to Negotiate. Feel free to shop around and do a few test drives, but avoid the impulse buy and do not negotiate anything while you are at the dealership!
  4. Avoid Temptation. Don’t get lured in by incentives, gifts, or even sweets (dealers love leaving donuts and brownies around the showroom). Keep a calm head and wait until you are home to negotiate. When dealers give you a total price, they’ll be forced to include any applicable rebates to beat their competitors, and you can go out and buy as many brownies as you want with all the money you save.
  5. Turn the Other Cheek. If you are talked down to, patronized, ignored, or treated poorly, don’t get mad, just walk away. They just lost any hope of a commission!
  6. You are Not Obligated. Do not feel obligated to buy from the salesman who showed you around. You can always ask him to beat your best price later after you get a good price.

You don’t have to actually buy a car online, only negotiate and settle on a price. You’ll still have a chance to go to the dealership, kick the tires, and take it for a spin before signing. Whether you are a seasoned negotiator or uncomfortable talking to strangers, we’ll help you negotiate a fantastic car price!