New Car AC Compressor Cost

New A-C Compressor Cost

You flipped the AC switch, and nothing seems to be happening. The car is not getting cold, and neither is it getting hot. Well, you probably have a bad AC compressor. Getting a new AC compressor for your car can be one of the most expensive replacements you’d do, as it costs above $1,500 in most cases.

Having a faulty AC during the summer is quite disturbing - you may not feel comfortable driving for a long time. A new car AC compressor costs around $500 to $1,000 for the parts, and labor costs could reach $500 in most cases.

This article explains the signs of a failing car AC compressor and how much you may spend to get it fixed.

Functions of an AC Compressor

Put simply, the AC compressor is what powers the AC unit in your car to release cold air to make you (and the passenger you’re driving with) feel much more comfortable and “cool.”

The compressor is a mechanical component of the engine, driven by the serpentine belt. AC compressors function as a “pump” to pump cold air into the AC units in a vehicle.

Your car’s AC compressor works with a refrigerant “gas.” If the gas is exhausted, you need to refill it to keep enjoying cool air while driving.

This compressor being talked about comprises different components that are liable to fail in critical conditions or after a long time due to excessive wear. A failed AC compressor can make driving really uncomfortable during the summer.

But AC compressors don’t fail outrightly; before they fail, they must have shown you several signs you ignored. It is always advisable to pay attention to every slightest unusual sign you notice on your vehicle.

A failing AC compressor would start by making the clutch disengage often. The AC units won’t bring in chilled air, and you may notice unusual noises from the engine bay.

New Car AC Compressor Cost

There are quite many factors that could affect the price of AC compressor replacement. These factors include your type of car, the type of compressor used by the car, where you’re buying it from, and who is making the installation.

With all these factors in place, it is estimated that the cost of replacing a bad AC compressor sits around $500 to $1,500.

AC compressor parts cost from $150 to $850, depending on the brand, type, design, fitting, and your car’s model. Apparently, your car’s make and model play a huge role in determining the type of compressor to buy. Another factor that hugely affects the final cost of AC compressor replacement is the labor cost.

Some auto electricians may charge you up to $500 for this service. It is safe to shop around for the best prices and then pick out the best offering. Of course, you can install a new compressor for you below $200 as the labor cost; the tip here is to avoid dealerships. Having dealerships work on your car is usually more expensive than going to reputable service centers or your local mechanic workshop.

If you’re looking to save money on your new car AC compressor cost, then look out for online deals that would give you good discounts for purchasing the parts from a particular store. Also, most automobile workshops and service centers run digital ads and offer their eligible customers good discounts on AC compressor installation and other related services.

It takes roughly one to two hours to replace a bad AC compressor with a new one. Even so, there are some cases where the fix may take a longer time due to several possible reasons. There are DIY videos online on how to replace a bad AC compressor - you may want to try them out, but it is best to have a professional run it up for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it expensive to replace a compressor in a car?

Well, the word expensive is relative; it depends on who pays. An AC compressor change may cost up to $1,500 - this may be expensive for some people, while others may consider it affordable. But it’s not the most expensive replacement to do on a car, by the way.

How long do car ac compressors last?

There is no particular length of years an AC compressor is expected to last. However, they are built strong to last for as long as possible. Typically, an AC compressor could last up to 15 years, but then unpredictable occurrences could make the compressor get damaged much earlier than even 10 years.

Can I drive with a bad AC compressor?

A bad AC compressor won’t stop your car’s engine from running, nor will it cause any part of the drivetrain to malfunction. So, yes, you can drive with a bad AC compressor, but you may not feel comfortable throughout the drive, especially if you’re driving in the summer season.