Best places to survive a zombie apocalypse

by Car Negotiation Coach

where-to-survive-zombie-attackLast Halloween I reviewed the best cars to survive a zombie apocalypse which oddly enough has been one of my most popular posts to date.  In fact, I’m still getting a lot of search traffic from search terms like best zombie vehicle, top zombie vehicles, and good car for a zombie. 

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So since I enjoy writing about zombies, and apparently a few of you like reading about them, today I’ll address a second concern during a zombie rampage.  Where should you sleep?

Considerations when choosing accomodations during a zombie outbreak:

  • Safety:  Has the structure been thoroughly cleared of undead and is it locked down and fortified to prevent unwanted entry?  
  • Defensibility: Can you defend your new home from an undead assault or marauding band of looters? 
  • Detection:  The best defense is not being found in the first place.  Can the undead hear or smell you from outside?  Does your home look enticing to marauders who may want to evict you? 
  • Escape Access: Do you have a secure second exit if your position becomes overrun?
  • Sustainability:  Is there an accessible source of food, water, or alternative power?
  • Sanity:  Is there room for more than just you? After a few weeks it can get awful lonely as “the last man on earth”.  And if you are with a group, do you have a good supply of books or board games to entertain the troops?

Unfortunately, most people will not have the luxury of a military bunker or nuclear submarine, so I’ll list out my favorite places that may actually be accessible to the average post-apocalyptic survivor. Here’s where you’ll have the best chance of surviving the end of the world:

zombie-prisonAn Abandoned Prison

With safety and defense top priorities, a prison can serve as a fortress to protect you and your friends.  And since prisons are scattered everywhere, hopefully you'll find one within a safe distance.  If you’re lucky, it’s already been evacuated, the mess hall has some rations, and you can find a way into the armory. 

Guard towers are a nice bonus for spotting bogeys and providing a long range position for snipers.

Major weaknesses: It may be just as hard to get out of a prison as it is to get in after an infestation.  Also, you may not be the first survivor there and the prior inhabitants may not have the same “value system” as you.

zombie-farmhouseRemote farmhouse or cabin in the Woods

Finding a remote area away from a city is your best bet for survival.  Even without major fortifications, you can barricade doors and windows and set up an early warning system using wires and cans around the perimeter.  You may get the occasional bogey, but they can be easily dealt with in small numbers if you’re prepared.

Major weaknesses: If a swarm happens upon your location you’re pretty much toast.

zombie-shelterA suburban fall-out shelter

If you really worried about the end, why not invest in a subterranean shelter beneath your house?  Or just cozy up to the paranoid retiree down the street that still thinks it's 1955 and the Russians are coming.

Major weaknesses:  Boredom, loneliness, and little ability to determine when it’s safe to come out.

A high rise building

If you live in a densely populated area, you’re pretty much screwed.  But since you have limited options, try to go up.  In the cities, you’ll likely have a large group of survivors and that's good because you’ll need help to fortify the ground floor entrance.  Barricade the doors and windows as a first layer of defense.  Then lock-off all elevators and stairways until you’re sure the second floor is secure. 

Major weaknesses: You're in a city.  That means your time is limited.  Try to find a way to enjoy your last few hours. Pick a building with something fun in it like a revolving rooftop restaurant or a Dave and Busters.

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zombie-islandAn Island

Small sail boats are great for a short period of time and don’t require fuel. But sooner or later you’ll need to dock to find food and water.  If you can find an unpopulated island a few miles from land you’ll be in good shape while supplies last.  Just make sure you are far enough from the mainland that no unwanted visitors get washed up on your shore.

Major weaknesses: No where you go will truly be safe, but a barrier of water is your best bet. Depending on the size of the island you may have a limited food supply, but it's not like you'll have a lot dining options anywhere else either. 

In closing, once again I consulted ZAC for a professional opinion on selecting accommodations.  He doesn’t agree with all my recommendations, but he’s got a little more subject matter expertise, so I’ll end with his advice.

According to ZAC:


As far as where to hole up, well, there are tons of options. For any one place you choose, there are 10 reasons why it’s good and 10 why it’s bad, you just have to do what’s right for you and your family if you have one left after z-day. Every place has advantages and disadvantages.


I'd say stay away from prisons if they are large. A rural county Sherriff's office would be ideal. Not many prisoner/zombies to clear out, and its virtually inaccessible, but you have to be able to get in first. Lots of jails have card readers, or remote terminals to open doors which if the power is out then key readers don’t work, and if there’s no one to open the door for you, you'll never get in unless you make a hole, but then zombies can get in too.


Islands are good, but they have to have fresh water, and enough arid land to grow food. Coconuts will give you the sh%ts if you eat/drink them nonstop, as will most fruit. Something to look into are civil defense fallout shelters. Lots of those around from the cold war days, and generally accessible to the public. Built to take a licking and keep on ticking with air and water filtration systems as well as backup generators and coms equipment. May be 40 yrs. old, but operates on civilian band and channel 9 is the most frequently used CB band for emergency use. 

Where are you gonna hang your hat during the zombie apocalypse?

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everyday tips

Hmm, the island might be nice, but I would probably get pretty hungry. I loved the picture of the cabin in the middle of nowhere- reminds me of the Smoky Mountain national park.

I think I would pick Hawaii, but I didn’t see that listed as an option. Can I go there?


Once again reference my advice. Fruit gives you the runs, and there aren’t a lot of land animals to hunt there. There is however plenty of farm land and since its volcanic rock, its rich in minerals, thus prime agricultural land. Also, considering its tropical, you have a year long growing season. If you can find some rabbits and chickens and breed them there, then after about 6-12 months you’ll have enough animals you can start eating them. Especially rabbits. With all the vegetation and insects, those two animals are your most rapidly reproducing and growing animals.


Looks like someone’s been getting his inspiration from The Walking Dead!

I’ve bookmarked this page just in case there’s a zombie outbreak, that way I’ll know exactly what to do. I do, after all, live in Atlanta, the setting for the TV show. My guess is that we’ll be hit first.

Car Negotiation Coach

@Edaytips- Hawaii rocks, with or without an apocalypse!

@AngryV- Thanks again for the tips, however, your advice about animals only works if the undead virus only affects humans…..and we both know there is at least a 50% chance that animals will become infected too and severely limit our food supply.

@Kevin- The Walking Dead is a great show and I’m glad to see prime time exposure for the undead…I just wish they had a bigger special effects budget. Doesn’t really hold a candle to Dawn of the Dead, Resident Evil, and my favorites: 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later. Didn’t realize you lived in the ATL….spent a lot of time there myself.

And believe it or not, I’m a huge fan of zombie books. Day by Day Armageddon (J.L. Bourne) and The Rising (Brian Keene) are my fav’s and real page turners.

Invest It Wisely

Problem with the prison is it’s very easy to get cornered by even the slowest moving zombies! Same problem with the high rise building…
the island and shelter might be the best bets! As for defense, flamethrower might work wonders…

sly kitty

@ invest it wisely…Flamethrowers I believe are illegal and pretty much impossible to find (also they are filled with jellied gasoline and I have no idea where you find that) 😀

As for suggested reading :Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z both by Max Brooks. The ZSG is a bible. lol.

Jon Garrett

All I need are the 3 F’s. Food, Fuel and Fire Arms.

athan clark

You have to remember you have to go poop and pee sometime so make sure you have a sealed off place to do that.


Best place to go for zombie apocalypse is Alaska (or farther north). Any zombies there freeze plenty of snow for water and trees to burn for warmth plus most people already have guns in the region so you will also have a population ready to kill any zombies running around. As far as I’m concerned without animals being zombies The far north is your best bet if you can get there.


Ok, the island is by far the best idea, however it can’t simply be ANY island. I would recommend an island relatively close to the coastal mainland. I would also recommend an island relatively small in size.

I understand that small size implies less farm land, however a large amount of land is not required to support a small population of survivors. Small size also has the added benefit of being much easier to “clear” of any undead already present. There are a number of food resources that, if understood how to exploit, would be more than adequate. The ocean is one example: fishing, harvesting shell fish, and trapping crustaceans are all methods that can be done without the use of a nautical vessel. Also, focusing on crops that can be grown in salt water such as Rice will increase the island’s total area available for agricultural cultivation.

However, my recommendation for an island rests pivotally on there being at least one sea fairing vessel. (How the hell else did you get to the island?!) If you find an island less than 1 day’s commute from the mainland’s coast, scavenging the coast is a very reasonable option. (Given a basic understanding of navigation)

The only real problem I see with my recommendation is the issue of water. It goes without saying that water is crucial to a long term survival plan, and it is unlikely that a small island will have a fresh water source. However, engineering a solar still from scavenged goods is a fairly reliable method of producing fresh water from salt water.

The greatest threat to an established island community similar to the one I’ve detailed is from other survivor’s.

Car Negotiation Coach

Pete, excellent assessment. However, I’d say that a 1 day commute is the minimum amount of distance you need to have from the mainland. And you need something with some deep water in between (a river island or lake probably won’t do). You don’t want to wake up and find any floaters wind up on your shore or zombies that make their way across the bottom of the water.


The distance required from the mainland to ensure safety from zombies depends on what variety of zombie movie you prefer. If you follow John Leguizamo in “Land of the Dead” I don’t imagine any distance of water would be able to stop the undead. I suppose if they went excessively deep, differences in pressure would crush the skull and with it the brain. If you follow 28 days later, a distance of 21 miles was more than sufficient to stop the “infected” from reaching the European continent. (English Channel) 21 miles is within a day’s commute traveling at 2 knots. I can’t imagine not being able to find a 25-30 foot fishing vessel relatively easily. All you need is to sail up and down the coast. Check docks. Those things travel in excess of 25 knots; putting something over 100 miles off shore within a day’s commute.


If this ever happens i’m traveling over 1,200 miles to get to my destination… Aka Nebraska Crescent lake wildlife Refuge.


Well im not to big on most of them but i like the farmhouse and island because thet’re mainly safe and you can always go resupply 😀


lol sorry i meant to say they’re <:)


I live on the outskirts of Sydney and have a number of options on this list, but what about the desert? There are thousands of freshwater wells and hydroponic farms and noone for hundreds of kilometres. Marauders might ba problem but they have to FIND you first. I suppose boredom might be a problem..

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