Best Comfortable Commuter Cars [Top Ranked Models]

Best Comfortable Commuter Car

Do you have a long slog to the office or worksite - and is your back reminding you of it every time you pull yourself out of your car? When you’re tired and just need to get to work or get home, you want a comfortable car.

Luckily, most cars these days are pretty comfortable even in the worst of conditions. But there are a few especially comfortable commuters. These cars might not be the sportiest on the market, but they know a thing or two about supple suspensions and a soft ride.

The following vehicles come from a variety of manufacturers, price points, and segments, which goes to show that comfort isn’t constrained to a particular niche.

Here are our top five most comfortable commuters, arranged from the cheapest to the priciest.

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Best Comfortable Commuters Comparison

Most Comfortable CommutersVW JettaChrysler 300Toyota AvalonLincoln AviatorMercedes S-Class
Base Price
Passenger Volume
94 cu. ft.
102 cu. ft.
103 cu. ft.
151 cu. ft.
120 cu. ft.
Max Cargo Volume
14 cu. ft.
16 cu. ft.
16 cu. ft.
78 cu. ft.
13 cu. ft.
Max HP
147 HP
375 HP
301 HP
494 HP
496 HP
EPA Combined MPG (base engine)
34 MPG
23 MPG
26 MPG
21 MPG
22 MPG

1. Volkswagen Jetta

Volkswagen-Jetta-Best-Comfortable-CommutersWe get it - the VW Jetta isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you think of comfort. If anything, the Volkswagen name probably connotes sporty, zippy products that prioritize handling over comfort. But lately, the brand has been segueing more towards the relaxed side of the spectrum, something illustrated by the latest Jetta.

For starters, the Jetta is one of the larger options in the compact class, measuring 185 inches long on a 106-inch wheelbase. As for width, it spreads 71 inches wide between the mirrors. Those dimensions afford plenty of interior room, including 56 inches of front shoulder room and 41 inches of front legroom. Those figures are towards the top of the class.

However, we’re most smitten by the ride, which has been noted by multiple reviewers to lean towards the softer side. That doesn’t appease enthusiasts much - especially those who swear by VW - but the more aggressive Jetta GLI should suit their needs. The regular Jetta is designed for everyone else and comes off as surprisingly refined for a compact starting at under $20,000.

The bigger exterior dimensions help settle the Jetta over bumps and imperfections, while the roomy interior allows plenty of stretch-out space. Big, comfy seats and a great glass area round out the attributes of this little compact. It doesn’t thrill, but it relaxes - and that’s exactly what we all want to do on our commute home.


  • Airy and roomy
  • Big for its segment
  • Quality finishes


  • Dull handling
  • Unexciting styling

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2. Chrysler 300 - From $30,445

Chrysler 300 Comfortable CommuterThe Chrysler 300 is a proper full-size sedan, the likes of which have become all but extinct in the last ten years or so. Yet some seat time in the 300 makes us wonder what the recent hoopla for SUVs is all about.

Let’s get one thing out of the way: the 300 is old. Like, ten years old with only one minor refresh five or six years ago. Yet we challenge you to find any blatantly dated element of the car. The touchscreen is an excellent 8.4-inch unit that is as pleasing to use today as it was when it was novel. The seats are big, comfy, and nicely bolstered. The controls are laid out in an ergonomic way, even if it isn’t the trendiest orientation.

With a 120-inch wheelbase and a 204-inch length, this is a big car - to put these numbers in perspective, flagships like the Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7-Series are only a few inches longer. All that length means big room inside and a supple ride, even over rough asphalt.

One thing we love about the 300 is that it still offers a V-8, which in this case is a 375-horse, 5.7-liter unit. It’s limited to one trim and commands a high upcharge, but it speaks to the sort of demeanor put forth by this big sedan. It isn’t a muscle car like its brother, the Dodge Charger, but it’s an old-school American cruiser. The 300’s brash styling and big power make this a head-turner without the need for theatrics or glamour.

And yet, for all that, the 300 is comfortable. It lumbers along contentedly, happy to take a few fast corners but happier still to loaf down the highway. It is quiet, competent, and has all the right tech available to keep it relevant in 2021. It isn’t the newest car around, but it has timeless appeal, made all the more special as the market shifts rapidly away from such cars. If you’re looking for comfort, you’ll find it here in spades.


  • Styling is still old-school cool
  • Available V-8
  • Excellent infotainment
  • Big, comfy seats


  • Aged platform and design
  • Limited options and packages
  • Mediocre fuel economy

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3. Toyota Avalon - From $35,875

Toyota-Avalon-Best-Comfortable-CommutersYou might have assumed that the world of big, cushy sedans died with the last Buick LeSabre and Park Avenue, but have no fear: the Toyota Avalon does large, soft, and comfortable better than just about anything else at the moment. It’s also affordably priced and quietly elegant. It’s a primo commuter for those who want an easygoing car.

The Avalon measures about 73 inches wide and 196 inches long, so it’s no small car, though the 193-inch long Camry has closed the gap rather significantly. Inside, the Avalon’s dimensions translate to ample legroom and shoulder room for both front and back passengers. It's more premium positioning in the lineup also means higher quality materials and a more upscale layout compared to the Camry.

A 3.5-liter V-6 comes standard, and its 301 horsepower and 267 lb-ft of torque provide smooth, torquey acceleration befitting of a car of this caliber. It enables the Avalon to do a fine impression of a Lexus. Fuel efficiency, however, is the forte of the optional hybrid 2.5-liter four-cylinder. With two electric motors, this setup makes a net 215 horsepower. We ourselves would stick to the meatier six, but we’re happy to see hybrid power available.

With its well-mannered handling, cushy cabin, and numerous features - including standard dual-zone climate control, a 9.0-inch touchscreen, and standard active-safety features - the Avalon is the poster child for affordable comfort. Scoop one up now, for Toyota has announced it won’t return after the 2022 model year.


  • Big, comfy cabin
  • Large trunk
  • Excellent pair of powertrains
  • Plenty of features


  • Oddly aggressive styling
  • Going out of production in 2022
  • All-wheel drive is no longer available

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2021ToyotaAvalon Hybrid

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4. Lincoln Aviator - From $50,190

Lincoln-Aviator-Best-Comfortable-CommutersLincoln has been on the upswing lately. First, it cut all sedans from its lineup, including the first-rate Continental, and renamed all their SUVs with more alluring monikers than the previous alphanumeric naming convention they had been following. Redesigns followed suit, and now we find ourselves smitten with the Aviator, a large, three-row SUV that is more manageable and affordable than the flagship Navigator - but no less comfortable.

The Aviator impresses from the word go with its great styling that is equal parts contemporary and elegant. But the real deal is inside, where Lincoln has gone the extra mile to impress shoppers. A wide, low, shelf-like dash cuts across the front, interrupted only by the standard 10.1-inch touchscreen that juts upright from the center portion. Even on base models, the trimmings and materials are first-rate.

Want comfort? Synthetic leather is standard on the base trim, but every other model features genuine hides with at least 12-way seats. A 10-speaker audio system is standard, while a Revel system with 14 speakers is available. Other goodies abound as well on the lower models.

The flagship Black Label trim, however, is the last word in luxury and comfort. It costs big money, but it delivers: among its novelties include a 28-speaker Revel Ultima 3D audio system, 30-way power seats, and upgraded leather seats available in one of three color-coordinated motifs. If you’re looking for the most ornate and lavish Aviator, this is the one to get - it makes your living room feel as sparse as a waiting room.

Other perks of the Aviator include ample interior space, a standard 400-horse twin-turbo V-6, and lots of available active-safety features. It also prioritizes the sort of relaxed, quiet, unruffled driving demeanor that flies in the face of today’s general emphasis on sporty. Overall, the Aviator should be a top choice for those looking for an SUV that emphasizes quiet and comfort over all else.


  • Lavish Black Label trim
  • Ample space and tech
  • Available hybrid


  • Gets expensive quick
  • Best options reserved for top trims

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5. Mercedes S-Class - From $110,850

Mercedes S Class Comfortable CommuterDo you have six figures burning a hole in your pocket? Do you also demand the absolute best in comfort, luxury, and grandiosity? Look no further than the Mercedes S-Class. This uber-expensive, uber-fancy sedan is as over-the-top extravagant as it gets.

Redesigned for 2021, the latest S-Class once again pushes boundaries. The interior has become even richer, the styling more refined, the powertrains more seamless in operation. If you’re looking for screens, Mercedes offers up to five of them, with two standard out of the gate. The primary touchscreen uses OLED technology and measures 12.8 inches; the digital cluster is the typical 12.3 inches. Optional screens include a pair of 11.6-inch displays in the back and a 7.0-inch rear tablet as well.

Other standard conveniences include active air fragrance and an ionizer. Is that not enough? The Warmth and Comfort packages let you tailor the cabin to your mood: just tell your S-Class how you feel - and yes, literally speak to it, as the voice-activation system will listen and react accordingly - and the system accordingly adjusts the ambient lighting, the fragrance, and even the music.

At 208 inches long, the S-Class is no small sedan. Chauffeuring types can enjoy the large back row with an optional pair of adjustable, massaging, heated-and-cooled rear seats. This is a car best enjoyed from the rear.

We could go on all day about what Mercedes has done with the latest S-Class, but suffice to say this car is about as good as it gets. Everything is simply first-rate, from the features to the comfort to the powertrains. Unless the style doesn’t speak to you, this is a car that will not disappoint.


  • Unrivaled luxury and comfort
  • Latest in tech and features
  • Supple ride and gracefully quick


  • Too expensive for 99% of us
  • Rather inefficient

Current Mercedes-Benz S-Class Deals & Incentives

YearMakeModelCash Incentives (up to)Best Avail. APRLease OffersExpiration
2023MercedesS-Class$1,619/month for 36 months, $11,033 due at signing10/2/23

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most comfortable commuter car?

Probably the Mercedes S-Class, for how over-the-top it is in every way, tangible and intangible. Aside from that flagship, six-figure car, we’d say the Toyota Avalon for big sedans and the Lincoln Aviator for SUVs.

What’s most comfortable for long driving?

If you’re road-tripping, the Lincoln Aviator would be our choice, simply for how roomy, comfortable and luxurious it is. You could also try a minivan like the Chrysler Pacifica if you need acreage of space.

What’s the best car for a long commute?

We like the VW Jetta - it is small and relatively good gas on gas yet delivers a refined, comfortable ride that soaks up the road imperfections nicely.

What is the most affordable, comfortable commuter car?

The Volkswagen Jetta offers a soft ride for just under $20,000. It doesn’t thrill, but it relaxes - and that’s exactly what we all want to do on our commute home.