Best cars to survive a zombie apocalypse

by Car Negotiation Coach

zombie-attackWhen there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth” -Dawn of the Dead

Everyone knows sooner or later, we’ll be completely overrun by zombies.  What most people don’t realize is that you can only stay barricaded in your house for so long.  Eventually you'll run outta spaghettios or your neighbor is gonna break in and try to eat you. 

When that happens, you'll want some wheels in a hurry.  And you’ll quickly realize that your vehicle requirements have changed significantly.

According to ZAC, you should ask these questions when selecting a car:

  • Range: How far can your vehicle travel on a single tank of gas?
  • Speed: If you needed to haul back to base for some A.S.A.P.  medical treatment, could it get you back fast enough?
  • Load Capacity: Can your vehicle haul significant amounts of  supplies, survivors, pull a trailer, or tow a disabled vehicle back for repair?
  • Road Clearing: Does your vehicle have the ability to push another vehicle off the road, or plow through a horde of  undead and still be road worthy?
  • Ground Clearance: Can your vehicle go off road, hop curbs, and drive over bodies?
  • Fuel Type: Will fuel for your vehicle be widely available post Z-Day?
  • Armor: How much customizing and up-armoring would your vehicle take to be zombie and attack proof?

Good vehicles will be hard to find, but here’s my favorite choices if you have time to be picky…

hummer H2Hummer H2 (seen in Zombieland)

A classic first choice.  With a history of military use, the Hummer is rugged and can plow through or over many obstacles.  Plenty of passenger room and storage space for supplies. 

Major weaknesses: Horrible gas mileage and a huge target for looters and gangs to take away from you.

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The Retrofitted Bus (seen in Resident Evil 3 & Dawn of the Dead)

zombie bus

If you need to ferry family and friends to your boat docked in the marina this is the way to go.  It can haul a group of people, plenty of supplies, and spare tanks of gas.

Major weaknesses:  Poor gas mileage, slow, and un-maneuverable.  Get stuck at your first roadblock and you can quickly become a sardine…or zombie-chow.

dodge ramDodge Ram

When the world breaks down, you’re gonna want four wheel drive, a HEMI V8 for quick acceleration, and extra towing power to haul other cars off the road and out of your way. Not to mention this bad boy has enough power to plow through anything (or anyone) who gets in your way.  Plenty of cab room to fit four and you can stow extra gas and supplies in the back.  

Major weaknesses: The sound of that HEMI may attract unwanted attention and you'll have to expose yourself to get to your supplies.

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Tesla Model SAn Electric Car (i.e.  Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, or the Tesla Model S at right)

A near silent motor gives this choice a leg up from the others.  You’ll have a better chance of reaching your destination without attracting the undead or unsavory survivors.  

Not being dependent on gas is a huge upside…at least in the short term. For the first month, you can avoid mass havoc and mile long lines at gas stations.  Of course, after the power grid collapses electricity won’t be the easiest thing to find either…but if you’re ingenious enough to last that long, you may come up with a unique way to generate your own electric power. 

Major weaknesses:  After a while, your only power source will likely be in a permanent location and you’ll have a limited range of travel.  Little stowing room and not enough power to move obstacles.

toyota siennaToyota Sienna

Let’s face it, 98% of the population is going to be converted into the walking dead within 90 days of the outbreak.  If you’re lucky enough to be part of that last 2 percent, why not let your kids spread their legs and enjoy the entertainment center while you head to the mall for safety.

Major weaknesses: You've already given up.

delorianDelorean DMC-12

An interesting theoretical choice. 

Major weaknesses:   Using this option assumes you can find enough clear road to get it up to 88 mph and you have a flux capacitor.  Doesn’t that sound a little unlikely? Also, you're a target for Libyan terrorists.

Terraflugia (a flying car)

TerrafugiaThis may be your best bet to get to that ranch in Arizona that's rumored to be untouched by the global devastation.  According to their website you only need 20 hours to get a sport pilot license.  I’m guessing the license won’t be so critical and you could probably figure out how to get it off the ground in a couple hours. 

Major weaknesses:  This won’t be easy to find.  My advice is to pre-order one now for only $10K (purchase price is $194K).

What type of car do you want for the zombie apocalypse?

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Ha ha ha! I wrote that article for
As far as your choices for vehicles goes, the only ones that are viable for groups of 4 or less is the Dodge truck. Yes, you can hear it when it gets close, but when the earth is devoid of constant vehicle traffic, any car even the electric one can be heard up to a mile away because of the noise of the tires on the pavement. You’ll hear that long before you hear the engine assuming that you don’t have glass packs or Flowmaster mufflers on the car. This is especially true in rural areas. Gangs can hide near a roadway and set up an effective ambush long before you even get to them, and they don’t even need a road block. Oh, by the way, make sure any vehicle has a skid plate under the front of the vehicle and a large “people killer” bumper that will allow the engine compartment and steering to remain unaffected after mowing down the undead.



Applying a camper to the Dodge would make it much better because most trucks have a sliding rear window, which would allow you to get to your supplies without having to exit the truck.

Car Negotiation Coach


Thanks for the extra tips….I feel much more prepared after spending a few hours on your blog the other night (love it btw).

I just need to find the time today to go out and buy a hundred pounds or so of rebar.


The obvious choice is the Delorean-DMC 12 as you can go back in time and tell yourself the zombie apocalypse is coming and you can properly prepare.


Who say’s we’re bound to land? How about escape by sea? Not an option? Okay, okay. Then the RAM gets by vote. You stop way too often in the hummer and the RAM seems like it could run through a crowd of Zombies like they were speed bumps. Just saying.

Car Negotiation Coach

@Sandy, boats are a great option if you’re near the shore….something nuclear and submersible would be ideal.


HAHAHA! My friend Mitch has written a post for Friday at BFS called “Budgeting in the Undead Stuff” that would compliment this. 🙂


This post is absolutely brilliant! I was a zombie just this past Saturday.

Amanda L Grossman

Hehehehehe–great article!

G Man

Is a Cadillac Hearse a good choice?


Very helpful but i wish you would be a little more serious, a flying car isnt in everyones back yard. but you were very helpful for the range speed and other stuff at the top.


to also help that dodge add steel bars to the front to impale the undead


The absolute best Vehicle is a train. Think about it it has great gas mileage and you can carry an outrages ammont of stuff. You should probably get a diesel locomotive and have a few cars deticated to defience with mounted terrets on them.


Can zombies swim?


Hmmm…….have to go too school to learn how to opperate also a zombie corpse can derail it my choice of vehicle would be my 379 peterbilt has a 575 hp cat. 18 speed transmission i can get about 1200 miles on a tank of fuel it has a tv fridge bed act and heat and will have no problem plowing thru hords of zombies the compartments in the sleeper would loads of canned food bottled water it has a toolbox full of tools and best of all i can carry many survivors in the 53ft van trailer plus a buttload of extra supplies

chevy abney

hmm i would use a go kart with a dirt bike motor(100 mpg) with a bigger fuel tank and back up fuel tank can be maneuvered easy upgraded reinforced basically all you need in a vehicle


Look up “Marauder in google images and youve found my vehicle of choice.

Anonymous coward

How about an unimog? Theres a shitload of them in Germany but not many in north America. They have almost 2 feet of ground clearance due to portal axles, you have PTOs for maybe a spinning blade in the front to literally mow down bodies, or maybe a snow plow possibly if youre a more humaine person. You’ve got plenty of fuel, a truck bed, a large cabin, AWD, and a well buried diesel engine. Or if you like overkill, go for a Knight XV. These are hand built, armored luxury SUVs. They’re 20 feet long and can stop 50 caliber rounds. It has 6 cm thick glass, heavy steel door and body armor. The thing weights 5 and a half tons! You’ve got a 40 gallon tank so plenty of miles in a full tank. It has a V10 400 hp diesel engine with over 600 ft/lbs of torque. You could crush some bodies with that. It’s got a foot of clearance, and a huge amount of interior space. It’s got back up cameras and night vision, and it’s meant to hold 6 people, but you could probably fit 10 easily. It’s got an Xbox or PS3 in it, and a DVD entertainment system. Just one more thing to prove how tough this is, in one of it’s tests, it was revealed that you could shoot at this beast for a full 24 hours, and you could still drive away safe.


I agree with the dodge ram how ever I would prefer a 12 valve cummins turbo diesel they have hardly any electronics on them and the same size fuel tank as a ram with a gas engine how ever, the diesel will get much better mileage, how ever if u like the hemi because of the power out put and acceleration which it dose have, but if you put a few performance parts on the cummins such as injectors and a turbo u can get crazy power out of them (like 500hp and 1000ft-lbs) to the back wheels. And being a cummins it is very well built and will be able to take that kind of abuse for a extended amount of time. And I have witnessed them being abused in this way as dayly drivers for many years

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