Best Cars for Tall People to Buy Right Now [2023 Edition]

Best Cars for Tall People

Purchasing a new car is a big decision and one that has a lasting impact on your daily life. Of course, you want to choose a car that fits your lifestyle, but you also need one that is comfortable.

For tall people, it can be especially challenging to find the right fit.

As a tall person, everyday objects are not always designed for you. You may be used to ordering custom pants or ducking beneath the door frame. Your car is something that you do not want to compromise.

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Luckily, there are many cars that work incredibly well for tall people. In this guide, we will break down some of the best cars for tall people. Read on to find out which vehicles are best for tall drivers.

Best Cars for Tall People

We did extensive market research to bring you the top choices out there. Our picks for the best cars for tall people are:

What Tall Drivers Should Look for in a Vehicle

As a tall driver, you want to find a high-quality car that is comfortable to drive. While cars are not necessarily made for tall people, there are some vehicles with qualities that make them much better for tall people.

According to US News, the key to cars for tall people is “above-average interior dimensions.” In general, taller people need cars that have enough space for them. However, each tall person will need to consider their own preferences to find the car that is best for them.

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Some qualities to look for as a tall driver include:

Tall Features to Look For Car

  • Find a vehicle that does not crunch your neck and allows you to sit upright without hitting your head on the ceiling.
  • Tall bodies often come with long legs. You need a vehicle that allows you to operate the pedals without your knees to your chest.
  • Seat comfort. Does the seat contour your body in an ergonomic way, and can it adjust to your preferences?
  • Driving position. The driver’s seat area should be spacious and adjustable enough to allow you to drive comfortably and safely.
  • Getting in and out of your car is something you will do thousands of times. Is it easy to climb in and out for your height?

Other Considerations for Cars for Tall People

While your car must be able to accommodate your height, it also needs to meet your other specifications. Not all tall people are built the same or use their vehicles the same. Before purchasing one of the best cars for tall people, you must factor in the other considerations including:

Car for Tall People

  • Other drivers. Will you be the primary driver, or do you need to share the car with a shorter person? If you are sharing a car, then it is best to consider a versatile option that is comfortable for both short and tall people.
  • Vehicle usage. How you use your vehicle is also important. For example, a tall person who drives primarily alone will have different needs than one who frequently transports their family or other passengers. Sometimes, driving space comes at the cost of backseat space. Consider a car that will work for all of your unique needs.
  • Of course, you want a car that has great safety ratings and is reliable.
  • A new vehicle is a major purchase that comes at a significant price. Always keep your budget in mind when shopping for a new car.

Even though car buying can be a big challenge for tall people, there are many vehicles that work well for those with longer limbs and torsos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does height matter for car buying?

Comfort is a consideration for consumer satisfaction when it comes to vehicles. Purchasing a car well-suited for tall people will ensure you have enough space to feel comfortable while driving your vehicle.

What qualities does a car for tall people have?

When shopping for a car that suits tall people, you want to look for certain key qualities that will make your driving experience more comfortable. Specifically, you will want legroom, accessibility, and seat comfort.

What denotes a tall driver?

The average height of an American woman is about 5’4”, and it is about 5’9” for the average male. While there is no strict definition for being tall, if you are significantly taller than the average in your gender, and find most cars difficult or uncomfortable to drive, then you may want to consider the best cars for tall people.

What is different about a car for tall people?

Overall, interior space is a key differentiator in cars for tall people. Vehicles that work well for tall people tend to offer more interior space around the driver’s section.

Are there cars for both tall and short people?

Finding a car that works well for people on different sides of the height spectrum is important for families that share cars. According to Consumer Reports, “a handful of cars are especially versatile and are rated very highly by both tall and short testers.”